So Excited!!

So i don't know if any of ya'll remember my story of my boyfriend dan. Well during his 6 or 7th week of boot camp he got hurt and ending up having issues passing his push up test. Well today is his 13th or 14th week there( too long) and his last chance of passing his push up test. Since his las time taking his test i've been a nervous wreck knowing that his next chance at taking it would be the one that makes it or breaks it for him. Well so all day today my phone has been on me waiting anxiously waiting to hear either good news or bad from dan. Oye it went by sooo slow today because of waiting for something like that. Well me and his mom kept in contact all day and letting each other know if we had heard anything. Well no news. It was already past 9pm and still no word. So we didn't know what to think anymore.Well i was with my family because of it being tuesday family night and his mom called me and my battery was almost dead. She's like i just got like a minute call from dan guess what he said?! I'm like please no guessing games i've been waiting all day to hear something lol. He passed=)!! Thank God! Finally!!! He's finally graduating, he really is. This weekend. I finally get to see him!!=D I'm so excited but still so nervous. I get to see my boy. Thanks girls for being there for me during these past weeks=)

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Theres another girl on here who's boyfriend had issues passing the final PT test and he passed on his very last try too. Sooooo frustrating, Im sure! But YAY to him passing! You should be super proud! Bmt is tough....but having to stay there for five extra weeks is ever TOUGHER! I hope you have an amazing time at his graduation! Its definitely something you'll never forget!

Awww YAY.<br />
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Your going to have an amazing unforgetable experience !