Been A While!

So my boyfriend Damion has been in tech school in pensacola for about a month now. We got lucky beacuse its only an hour away from home. This pass weekend he got a special pass to come home, even though i was only saturday night because he got night classes, but it was amazing and as always i felt at home in his arms (: im super excited for this weekend, because he is coming down for the day saturday :)! everything is running  smoothly and he his the same sweet person that he was before basic, he has been proving me wrong lately. We fall asleep on the phone every night being that he dosnt get in his dorm until 1:00am lol. He said hes doing pretty good in school, he hasnt got any lower than a 95 on his test and quizes so im very proud of him :) he graduates from tech school April 15th and then hes off to his job, im a bit nervous being that he is active duty :/ how does leave work with the jobs and stuff? i hate thinking about him getting stationed somewheres else uhh so much stress! i just wish he would find out already so we would know.

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1 Response Mar 2, 2010