Boyfriend Of Six Years Just Left For Basic Training Today! :(

I am completely devasted that he is gone and am feeling SOOO lost without him. I was able to stay at the hotel with him last night before he left and as I heard him stumbling around getting things together at 430 am i the morning I knew that it was time to say goodbye. The hardest part is we have spent EVERY single day together we pretty much live together I do EVERYTHING with him and EVERYTHING I do reminds me of him. Saying goodbye and not knowing when I am going to hear from him or receive letters for him is just HEARTBREAKING... I really don't know how I am going to get through this, but I know I am. I am TRYING to stay as positive as possible, but I am just soooo lost right now I dont know what to do...


SO I was just wondering he is in Texas in San Antonio and is going to be in basic training for 8 1/2 weeks and I was just wondering when I would receive a letter for him, or when he will call me with his address so  that I can send him letters? And then will he be able to call me once a week or once every 2-3 weeks?? Ahh this is sooo hard :(. He told me that he was going to try his hardest to do the best he can so that he can get those priveleges to get more calling time and I totally believe it. He is EXTREMELY competitive and does his best at everything and very athletic so I am hoping that helps :( BUT I dont know :( all  I can do it hope...

Also another thing, im sory for all the questions I just really need some strong advice im dying :(, his tech school is 1 month so then is he able to call, text and everything like that? Also is AIT the same thing as tech school (ya i know stupid question I should know that but i dont haha). And then he is putting washington mcchord air force base as his number one pick, but I was hearing from stories that it doesn't really matter what his number one pick is its where they NEED him is that true? :( I cant imagine him being stationed somewhere else... I would totally follow him but im in college for 2 more years and have it all planned outtt....

And finally :( IM sorry once again... So once he IS stationed somewhere is it highly possible that he will move around a lot (being an air transportator meaning he just organizes different flights and what is going on those flights and WHERE they are going kind of a desk job but somewhat active). Thank you alll SOOOOOO much for your help this  will seriously mean trillions to me :)

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Well the first time my bf called I missed it and I was like omg!! And he left me a message saying he would call back thank gosh but I was soooo mad I missed his call lol. And graduation he will get to hang out wth you for the whole weekend he just can't spend the night with you. And once in tech school he will get back his phone and be able to tlk you all the time! But just make it through basic and its like a whole diff world trust me :)

its been 4 weeks, and Im JUST feeling normal again...and not even really normal lol. But its just a matter of getting accustomed to this new lifestyle ya know. And with the Airforce...there are alot of let downs on the girlfriend side! But they say everything is all worth it in the end, so we shall see! Soo just pray that he gets stationed close. Once we find out where my boyfriend is being stationed, we are thinking about me transferring schools close to where he will be. I was planning on transferring anyway..but once he left, I realized that I didnt want to be far from him. Soo thats what we are working on. <br />
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And as far as your graduaton plans...I think the last day that you will be able to see him is on that Sunday after church. He will have a townpass for Friday && Saturday I believe, and if he does for Sunday. We arent leaving until that Monday...but we wont be able to see him after Sunday evening.

aww thats awesome :) thanks for all your support. Today was kind of a rough day I'm just not doing so well with this separation thing because I am just not use to it and all of a sudden it was just like BAM! And then I got a call in class but it was missed because I had bad reception and it was some random 253 number so I thought it was him and I called back and it was comcast *WHEW*... I can't miss his call!! THE BUMMER part is tomorrow I have a midterm from 230-320 which will be 530-620 his time so im hoping they dont call around dinner time because I can't even have my cell phone ON during that time ahhh I would be crushed :(.<br />
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I did have another question about his graduation so is he allowed to go off base after graduation and hang out? And then what if I want to stay like 2 more days would I be able to see him or will he be busy in tech school right afterwards?? Thanks so much girlies.<br />
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As for the dream card thing that is a HUGE bummer because I would love more than ANYTHING for him to be stationed here because I can't be where he is stationed yet for 2 years because of school :( sometimes I hate school gets in the way of everything hahaha. But I've gotten this far and got everything done so I am just hoping we will be able to see eachother more or that he will be at least close enough that plane tickets wont be too expensive :(.

hey girl hang in there my bf graduated basic in nov and is in tech school now and once he gets into tech school its like a whole nother world they can tlk to you all the time just when there not at school so that helps alot! just get through basic its very very hard and i balled my eyes out for two days straight so dont feel bad or anything we all do it lol :) and once you can start hearing from him from letters it gets easier to and then once you hear his voice its better as well! it goes by faster than you think though thats the good part! but just dont sit around and be lonely and sad cuz your going to be miserable lol just know hell always be back for you :)

I knew a bunch of girls whose men graduated the same time my boyfriend did. We all met up down in San Antonio during graduation weekend, it was fun :) When you girls get their address (if you havent already) you should see if they're in the same flight! I would have looooove to know someone whose boyfriend was in the same flight at Nick. That way you can keep each other up to date on whats happening and what not :)

My boyfriend of 3 years left yesterday and arrived at Lackland last night. Guess our guys are going to be in at the same time :) <br />
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I'm not going to say I know exactly how you feel because I haven't been living with my boyfriend (I've been going to school out of state), and I can't even imagine how hard it must be for him to leave when you're used to LIVING together! i know it's really hard for me and I've only got to see him for a couple days a month, lol. <br />
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But..I'm kind of glad I found someone who's guy is in BMT the exact same time as mine. WE CAN DO IT! :) haha. *hug*

I didnt read Nik's big 'ole long comment up there. Lol But Im assuming she answered everything! But going off of Cvillian's comment about dream sheets, my boyfriend got number 3 on his dream sheet! I live in Oregon and he's going to be stationed in Arizona. So he's going to be close to home which makes me haaaaaappy :D Lol So, there's still hope when it comes to those things.<br />
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Anywho, my boyfriend graduated from bmt in early January. He's been at tech school at Sheppard training to be an F-16 crew chief for about two months now. If you have any questions about anything dont hesitate to ask me, or any of the girls on here! They're all amazing ladies who will definitely answer any question you have about anything! Welcome to the group :)

Thank you so much for those encouraging words they helped IMMENSELY you have no idea. Today I just felt sooo lost because we are together ALL the time and I even caught myself saying "where did we park my car" to myself and I realized oh... he's not here.. and multiple times where I was going to call him for something and I forgot I was not able to just because its out of habit... Made me even more miserable I didn't even go to class today I drove home and balled my eyes out for hours as pathetic as that sounds this has been one of the hardest days of my lifeee!! But I'm beginning to think positive and trying to think of it from his prespective that he knows absolutely no one and is going to be yelled at constantly being told what to do and working his butt off to do it right with no support from friends or family...well except letters of course:). And in 8 1/2 weeks ill be able to see him :D just right now 8 1/2 weeks sounds sooo long :( ha.<br />
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As for the letters I will DEFINITELY be writing them as soon as possible. I haven't been able to do any homework and I have a midterm thursday so Ill be quite busy with that but Im hoping to squeeze some time and write down some things for his first letter :). I was proud of him today because he texted me saying he was a leader for something at the air port and he was in charge of a group of people so I was like yay keep it up :). He's a pretty strong man and always strives to get what he wants and he made it clear that he is gonna do what it takes to get those phone calls hahahaa. Funny guy :).<br />
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It almost makes me ache a little about where he is going to be stationed too and wow I actually didn't think about that his tech school may be longer than a month? Man oh man I hope its not TOO much longer :(. Im going to try and visit him as much as possible.. and he said that with his job (he thinks) he will be able to arrange flights for him to come back here on the weekends since thats his job but I'm not exactly sure if hes right about that one ;). I HOPE SO :) anyways thanks for the great advice! I hope hope hope he gets stationed here in McChord air force base ill be praying every night :D

Heyy Hunniiiiii hugs hugs hugs && more hugs...I promise everryyyything will be ok!! I know exactly how your feeling right now. && It may not seem like it now...but it WILL get better. The feeling of him being gone && your lost feeling will linger for a little while. But just keep busy && remember that he is doing this to better his life && yours! He is going to become a better man && your relationship is going to get much stronger. <br />
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Usually you will hear from him within the first 2-3weeks, via letter/call. But you can start writing him now!! Depending on how they do during the week && how strict his TI might get a phone call every week (something to look forward too) My boyfriend is on week 4 now, and I have received 3 phone calls && a handful of letters. With him being competitive, he might become an Element Leader..&& he can have the other trainees bust their ***** so they can have their phone privileges. My boy is one..and he stays on their *** soo he can make sure he gets his phone calls. <br />
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Alot of things that he may have been told by his recruiter or whoever, can be off! Nothing is ever really set as far as Tech...what I mean is...expect the unexpected! But when he does get to Tech, he will be able to use his phone, computer, etc. Im soo waiting on that to come. And about him being stationed...he is going to fill out a dream sheet..and its like the top places he wants to be stationed. So its a chance he can get any one of his picks, and its a chance he doesnt get any. He wont find out where he is stationed until Tech. <br />
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As far as your other questions, some of the other girls can answer those, Im still kind of new at this! But things will get better, I promise. Everyone on this site is never feel like you have a dumb question...everyone will try their best to help you...kay...hugs. <br />
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ohh and welcome =)