Well, No Call, But...

I just feel like I can't give up like this. I asked his mom for his Tech address. I wrote a letter. I'm basically begging him in it, but if that's what it takes then fine. Maybe if he reads my words and sees how much I care he'll talk to me. My best friend who kind of hates Jeremy because he's put me through a lot (or what she thinks is a lot but its the normal for AFGF's) said last night that she didn't think he was ignoring me. Which was really shocking to hear from her so maybe it is true. And although I am being VERY cautious about this, I am not going to give up just yet. I'm going to fight to the death for this because he is amazing. If he's scared well I'll show him. If he's doubting it, we'll I'll prove it. My heart just breaks giving up with no answers from him. It hurts so much. I wont do it unless I've fought with everything I've got. I dont want to look like those girls who it's so blantantly obvious it's over. No. In two weeks your feelings don't 100% go away. And I swear I'll kick this ugly girls butt for trying to steal my man after two months of waiting for him and writing to him every single day. I am woman, hear me roar! Haha And honestly, its the only attitude I can take where I'm not lying miserably in bed, crying about it. So, keep them fingers crossed girls. Pray for me. Do whatever. I will get my man.


Plus, you can totally call me the girl who cried giving up. Ghahaha

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Thank you so much. :) It may take a chunk more time and all the strength I've got but I'm going to try to take the sane girl approach. Be friendly and not too pushy. Maybe that'll work. Haha Ty again.

I don't blame you at all for keeping your head up and staying optimistic. When you want and believe in something, you fight for it with all you got! My fingers are still crossed for you as well! :)

It really was! Like, it felt like I had met my soulmate as LAME as that is. And I'm like the least romantic and mushy person you will ever meet. Well at least before him. I decided though that I'm done wallowing. I got up from my bed after too much crying, planned out my last 22 days in London and am going to make the best of this, make myself the happiest *I* can make me. Hopefully he comes around eventually. But if not, eventually I'll be able to separate my heart from him. I love you girls. We must keep in touch via facebook in the meantime. I'll update in a couple weeks or so I think.

You've stood by him through all of this and now he's just blowing you off. He needs to realize how lucky he is to have you supporting him and not take that for granted. But of course, BOYS ARE STUPID, and never appreciate what they have in front of them haha. Honestly if I were you I wouldn't be able to give up either, its sounds like what you two had before he left was worth the fight, so good luck. I'm still crossing my fingers too :)

I'll continue to keep them crossed for you Allie!! I hope what youre doing pays off!!! Please keep me updated. It may take while for him to get the letter but he will definitely get it and read youre words. Im proud of you and continue to stand tall!!!!

Yeah, deep down I agree but I don't want to face it. I hate that I'm here. I've seen so many girls go through it and I never thought I would be here too. I appreciate you girls being honest with me. I think today will be my last day of wallowing and tomorrow I'll get my butt out there. I have 22 days till I go home so I need to make the most of this and not let him ruin it for me. Thanks :)

if he is taking the time to talk to her and not you i would peace out. as hard as it would be and as much as you don't want to boys are super easy to read and if he isn't taking the time it sounds like he doesn't want to. I would let him come to me and quit worrying about him, you are in england right? have fun! don't let this boy bring you down. I don't know the whooole story but from your recent posts this is what I am gathering :/ he doesn't sound busy with airforce stuff at allll

It sounds like they are planning on meeting up to me. IDK sweetie I'd say run as far as you can in the other direction your young and those men and their women live tough lives.

No, she's an old HS friend, so I'm assuming its when he comes back home in April. He's in Tech School now and is in reserves so he comes back home and finishes school after Tech. She just re-added him on FB. They got back in touch a couple weeks before he left. She's a nurse. I hope they're not bonding on that whole medical thing. Damn. Fml. Yeah, it sounded like they talked on the phone previously, so clearly he has time but isn't calling me. Oh well, I'll send my letter once I get his address and see if it does anything. Then I'll give up.

These are the exact comments:<br />
<br />
Him: howdy miss, just wanderin over into this here profile over yonder. I must say, a familiar face but can't quite put my finger on it.... :-p let me know whats good in the hood ma'am, and you BEST HAVE HAD SOME ACTUAL FUN ON SUNDAY<br />
<br />
Her: I AM NOT ALWAYS AN OLD LADY!!! I did have fun on Sunday. :) now I get to start a week of evening shift...blech...but I will make sure to make those silly "r"s on my schedule so Im not working upon your arrival!<br />
<br />
What do you think?<br />
<br />
And what would I even say to her if I did?