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Hello girls!=)

As most of you may know tony is graduating tomorrow From BMT! Well i couldn't go because of school=( But tonight he tried to call me and of course i missed his dang phone call and i am kicking myself in the *** right now about it. But he did call his parents, and his Friend tony Who is in the marines. This is the information i got from them i hope some of you girls can help me out on some of this stuff....

1) Tony is graduating 6th In his class!!!! I am so proud of him!! Words can't even describe how happy i am for him!

2) He got the job as Crew Chief?!? What is that? Is it a higher deployment rate?!?

3) HE is going to tech school in Witcha Texas, which i think is sheppard?!? Give me some info on this base.. Please girls at first.. then to Arizona for 19 weeks to finish his training... WHich is a really long time.. Like Oct i think will be the next time i see him

4) TOny said something about me going to go visit him at tech school on memorial day weekend?! What do you girls think?? Should i go? Or should i not risk him getting a lock down at his texh school?? I need your girls advice!

I also really want to thank you girls for being there for me every step of the way! You guys have been amazing to me, and I can't thank you enough. I feel like i have made friends for the rest of my life! Thnk you girls so much! And for the new girls... Hang in there... you will find out that 81/2 weeks flys by.. just keep on writing and staying postitive. Also what would you girls do if it seems like your parents don't support your relationship?? Thanks girls!!


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I really hope tony likes what he does.. and i hope he gets over this cocky thing. I am keeping my fingers crossed! I bought him a x-box today! Its his graduation present!

Yay! So I bet he'll know Nick :) Its 19 weeks at Sheppard and then 3-5 weeks in Arizona :) Nick loooooooves what he does! I bet Tony will too!

he is going to be working on the f-16! He is pretty excited

jeff is crew ceif and he went to witchita kalls texas.. what plane does he work on?

Wow, I really hope that doesn't happen to me. I am probably just going to drive there. It is like a 7 hour drive but it would be a lot easier so I don't have to worry about flights and all.

Thanks, I just did that and it answered a lot of questions for me. ((= I greatly appreciate it!

They move up with time. They go pretty fast too. Nick's been at tech school for two months and he's been in phase 3 for a couple of weeks now. With each phase comes different privileges. Because Nick is phase 3 he can wear civilian clothes anywhere as long as he's off duty hours, he can use his cell phone anywhere as long as he's off duty hours, he can leave base, doesnt have to check in at night and doesnt have to be back until 6am the next day. I dont remember what phase 2 curfew was. If you just google "Air force tech school phases" you get a bunch of great websites with lots of info :)

What are these phases and how do they move up to them? Spending the night with me isn't really an option though. lol. But a later curfew would be amazing. Do you know what their curfew is at phase 2?

Yep! They can leave base once they're in phase 2. And in phase three they have a much longer curfew and they can get a hotel pass to stay the night with you :)

Oh gosh! I really really really hope that doesn't happen when I go up there to visit. And will the boys be able to go off of base during tech? Like after a certain amount of time maybe?

Usafbabe--I just talked to Nick and told me that he'll be in Arizona for only 3-5 weeks. He'll be at SHEPPARD for 19 weeks. So maybe thats where that came from lol And thats if Tony is F16. Ha. Im only in my first year of school, so I have three more after this. Im going to Oregon Tech which is an awesome school but its the only on the west coast that offers my major :( So when Nick moves to Arizona after he's done with all of his training (that base is actually his first duty station) I wont be able to move in with him for another three years :( Which really stinks, but at least he'll be close to home so I'll be able to visit often.<br />
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Signallives--As far as I know there are two types of lockdown. Theres a lockdown when the entire base is locked down, meaning no one can leave or get on. So far this has happened a few times since Nick has been in tech school because of weather. The other type of lockdown is when their entire squadron is locked down. Thats when they cant leave the dorms and no one can get in. That usually happens because of the Airmen doing something stupid. But maybe talking to a girl whose guy has been in tech school longer would help more. Tech school visits are really risky because they could go on lockdown at any time. But I know a ton of girls who have visited their boyfriends without any problems. You just have to make sure you buy refundable everything, tickets, hotel rooms, all that :)

I am so sorry you had to miss his graduation. I am not going to be able to make it Lee's graduation either. =((( I am so sad and I still have to break the news to him. He asked me to visit him while he is in tech but could you explain to me what this lock down thing is?? Pleasee?!

Deevon- I dunno what plane i will find out tonight when he calls me. I missed his phone calllast night adn not very many people had information for me. BUt as soon as i find out i will let you know. I am really hoping its not 19 weeks.. and he just has it wrong but then again who knows. That's a really good job! when do you get done with school? Where are you going to school?<br />
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KiyararmeruGeisha- Thank you so much!! i am so excited and happy for him!!

Congrats on making it through BMT!!!!!!! ^_^

Do you know what plane Tony will be working on? Nick is F16, like I said, and once he graduates from Sheppard in May, he goes to Arizona for only three weeks. He thought it was a crazy amount of time too, until he got his official orders lol Im just assuming it would be the same for all of the crew chiefs working on the F16s? Although this kind of makes me nervous now....I'll ask him when he calls me in the morning. But Im almost 250% sure its only three weeks. Im going to school to be a radiological technologist. Which is basically an xray tech lol

I hope they do!! But i just talked to tony's friend who is in the marines.. and he said that tony told him that he willl be in Arizona for 19wks too.. so i am wondering why he is going there for 19 weeks! I am going insane.. I hope i get to talk to him tomorrow and maybe he will get to explain it more to me. We will see. What are you doing to school for?? I hope that tony and Nick run into eachother!=) It would be sweet if they became friends

Nick says he wants to finish up his 6 years first and see how we're both liking him in the service. If things are going well, he'll more than likely go back to school to get enough credits to go to officer training. But by the time we're married, I'll have my degree and I'll be working and we'll be bringing in a pretty good combined income lol So who knows. He's just focusing on graduating tech school right now. And yes! Im SO excited! I know a bunch of girls whose men are crew chiefs, but Ive never met another F-16 crew chief! Hopefully they'll bump into each other :)

I am hoping tony likes his job as much as nick likes his job! LOl.. I can only picture tony dancing while doing that! Lol! I like that shirt! I want to get a AF shirt!

Deevon- Yes!! I wil have to tell tony to talk to Nick once he gets there!! Even though tony is going to be beind nick by a couple of months!! I am so happy now that i can talk to someone about this! And i actually know someone who's boyfriend is doing the same thing tony is going to be doing! Do you know if nick is going to go for officer training?! Tony is going to.. he doesn't know if he wants to before his 1st term is up or if he should do it in the second term.. but there is a big difference in the pay from officers. I am relieved to find out that the deployment time is kinda low! That makes me feel better! I would seriously hope tony would talk to me before he volunteered to get deployed. Lol.. I would be kinda upset if he didn't! I am so excited they will be in teh same squardran!!

Nick is a crew chief! And if he's going to Arizona, that probably means he's going to be an F-16 crew chief like Nick! :D If thats the case, its only three weeks in Arizona lol Crew chief is aircraft maintenance. They make sure the jet flies, fixes any problems, does pre-flight checks before the pilot takes off and post-checks when the pilot lands. They basically take care of the jets. They also marshall them out. Which is what the people with the "light sabers" at the airports do when they tell the planes where to go when they get ready to take off. If you get on Youtube and type in "crew chief" you'll get a bunch of videos of crew chiefs marshalling, but dancing while they do it. Lol Its pretty funny. There's an f-16 crew chief shirt on Cafepress.com that says, "My boyfriend makes the falcons fly". Im ordering it sometime in the near future :) Nick looooooves his job! All I really know about the deployment thing is that they would only be gone for 90 days, which is just like bmt plus one more month. I couldnt really tell you too much...because Nick actually volunteered to be deployed. So he's going to go as soon as they need him. Which would have been AWESOME to talk to your girlfriend about. Ha. I'd ask him more about it right now but he just left for class. Nick and Tony are going to be in the same squadron once he gets to Sheppard :)

Heatherlynn- Thank you so much!! It kinda went by really fast actually. I am bummed i missed his phone call tonight but i know he will call me tomorrow! When does your boyfriend Grduate?<br />
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Cvillan324- I want to visit him, but i was just reading about how you were going to visit your boyfriend and he got put on lockdown because of those guys! I would be so mad if that happend.. btu that's the chance we take. I am very interested to see what the deplyoment rate is on his job. i am not too sure on what airplane he will be working on but when i find out i will be for sure to tell you. I didn't get his phone call tonight or else i am sure he woudl have called me. I hope there is more communication.. I miss talking to him.. I am really bumming that i won't see him till Oct... That's a long *** time to not see the love of you life you know?! What is your boyfriends hjob?

YAY! i would answer your questions but i really dont know anything about tech scchool.. i just wanted to congratulate you on getting through boot camp!