Im Going To Be A Mommy :)

So, when I started posting stories on EP, I forgot to mention one thing, I'm 16 1/2 weeks pregnant. Neither me or my bf were expecting this, especially at this time (such bad timing) since he's gone at bmt and will be gone at tech school for several months and wont be here in august when the baby is due :( But anyways, It sucks not having him here with me, and I really hope this doesnt tear us apart. A lot of my friends tell me that once they got pregnant it caused so many more fights and tension between them and their bfs. I really hope this isnt the case with us, because Im already having a hard enough time with him being gone. I hope he stays loyal to me and doesn't leave me through all of this. And im hoping after the baby is born we can move wherever he's at as soon as possible.

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Congrats! I hope everything works out, distance can really strengthen a relationship :) Zach and I have done distance before (I toured have the globe last summer without him) and it was so good to see him after! That is true about keeping it on the down low, even after basic is over, sworn in or not they can still discharge someone but i'm positive it will all be ok! Good luck!

yeah my boyfriends recruitor also mentioned something about not having and children, but hes already sworn in so I guess there isnt anything they can do about it now. He's going to play it all off as if we didn't find out I was pregnant until after he was already gone.

Congratulations to you! I heard that guys weren't supposed be expecting, unless they're married. I'm sure you have nothing to worry about, cause honestly how would they even find out? It was just something my boyfriend's recruiter said. Well anyways, I think it'll work out for you. I believe the distance apart stregthens the relationship, and he'll realize how much he loves you and truly needs you. I really hope it all goes well for you :)

I hope everything works out for you of luck to you.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Don't worry about what your friends say, as long as you know that you love him and he loves you, everything will work out =)