:( No Letter Today...

Well, i didn't get a letter today...which I was hoping for one but he is at BEAST this week : / It's been tough the past couple of days...I can't seem to focus on anything. I have never had trouble concentrating on my classes but for some reason I haven't been able to complete one assignment! I've even had trouble sleeping since he left. I wake up at every little noise and normally 4-5 times a night. Today was the first time I slept in past 6:30 since he left. It's very frustrating and it feels like time is going by really slow now that it's so close.

I talked to him Sunday and he said something about his flight not doing things right and the TI's threatening to take their priviliges away for graduation wknd. Has that happened to anyone? He said that they may not get to go off base the whole weekend : / which would really really suck. Apparently his flight is having some trouble working as a team but I'm hoping this week they will get over that. He said he won't know what his job is or where he's going for Tech school until the day he graduates.

Well, I'm gonna try to get some sleep. Goodnight Girls!

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Mike privileges taken away for one day that was Base Liberty not Town Liberty, he had to be in 2 hours before all of the other squadrons & they made them clean the squadron for when we were coming to tour it the next day. 2 hours doesn't seem like much but at the time, I was livid & kept saying "they can't do that." Even if they take away Town Liberty, which would really stink because they look forward to being able to leave that ****** base, be happy that you get to see him & try to focus on the positives of the trip =] Surprisingly there are a lot of things to do on base that he won't even know about because they've only been to about 3 places the whole time they're there (the squadron, the dining facility, & one isle of the BX) They have bowling, golfing & a couple of restaurants. Just remember how long you've waited to see him & there's no feeling that compares to when you actually do =]