We Talked Again Today.......

I was waiting for my late class to start while doing some homework (boo) and I started talking to my mother and a couple of ither people when all of a sudden I see the green ball by Chris' Chat box light up (facebbok), indicating that he was online!!!!!  People were around me but I didnt care I just started squealing and smiling and he contacted ME first. He rarely does that(well thats probably because i usually jump at the chance the second i see him, this time i was too busy squealing and my computer kept freezing), so he asked me "how are you doing my love" soo sweet, he;s never called me that before. and i told him that i was okay. so i asked how he was and he said "lonely without you, but other than my emptiness ok"  i told him how bad ive been feeling and he said he was sooo sorry and a lot of sad faces after every comment. poor baby... :(  i told him about me not having his address accurately so he said he'd "give it to me tomorrow" which means i hope we get to talk again. If this means i have to take my computer with me everywhere i go, so be it!!! my baby needs me. I guess my prayers have been answered  lol he is starting to open up to me more and is actually starting to show that he misses me. I didnt know it would ever hit him of all people so hard. He's the strongest guy I know. I hope once I get an accurate address I can send him the charger so we can talk again. Hopefully he wont be as down.


I miss him even more now. BUT IM HAPPY WE GOT TO TALK!!! ^)^

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5 Responses Mar 3, 2010

Sweetnesss! So he gave you the correct adress now?

Guess what girls?! I DID!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay yay yay!! FINALLLLY, lol. I 'm glad you got to talk to him. Hopefully you'll hear from him again tomorrow! :)

Yay :) I'm so glad things are looking up!

aww!!! congrats!!!!!! I am so happy you got to talk to him! Hope you get that address soon =D