Bmt Graduation Present!

My boyfriend graduates from BMT at the beginning of April. He asked me to go to graduation but I won't be able to make it so I was going to get him a graduation present. Only, I have NO idea as to what to give him. I know they are supposed to not take much to tech school so what would be something I could give him?


Also, can anyone tell me about how long it takes for a letter to get to a guy in BMT? I have been told three days is the average. Is that true?

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Oh yea, I know the pain of all the injuries. I am going through it now and trying to deal with that, school, this. It is all really intense.<br />
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Yea, I know. I am soo upset that I can't go to graduation. I have heard that it is amazing. But I am more upset that I am not going to be able to see him. :((

huh, that's really cool. I used to be a gymnast, but injured my groin muscle in my left leg... it put me out for a lonnnnng time. Then I met Mike... and no time to get back into practice. I really miss the thrill of it!<br />
It's really too bad you can't go! Graduation is the best!

I have a bigg bigg competition for gymnastics on that EXACT weekend so I won't be able to make it. No way possible. He already has an xbox. He pretty much has every piece of technology he needs. Laptop, game systems, tv, all of that stuff.

Why can't you go to the graduation? <br />
and for a present... maybe an xbox? They get soooo bored in tech so you would for sure know that if he likes to play xbox, he probably wont be going out on the weekends with his friends!!! <br />
Which is a plus, because friends can be a bad influence.

Thanks, it does a bit. How are things going with you two? Have you worked thing outs??

Well it depends where you live of course, but I'd say about 3-4 days. I live in NYC and my letter got to me in 3 days. But then you have to count the days its just hanging out there, and then waiting until each mail call. So I know Jeremy actually got all of his letters about a week after they were sent. Which is pretty good. Hope it helps!