Is The Grass Really Greener On The Other Side??

For Gregory BMT will be over at the end of next week, and then comes tech school. Hmmmm, now If you're like me, you've been under the assumption that  BMT will be the hardest part. That tech will make things far far easier once you can communicate more frequently. Yeah, thats totally what I've been thinking. Ive been telling myself that once he hits tech, that I'll be able to remind him how much he means to me and he will be able to reassure me when I'm having my doubtful days. And then, I talked to one of my girlfriends Suzie who's boyfriend has been in tech for about 2 months. They. fight. CONSTANTLY. I swear the open communication option they've recieved since hes been at tech has done nothing but create more problems for them. Sure I know she is comforted by the fact that they can speak freely to each other, but you know, they definitely pick a lot of fights with one another at the same time. I've been DYING for the chance to talk to Greg at random when ever I please, but now I'm getting pretty worried about it. I've talked to Paul (my friends boyfriend @ tech) & he says he worries that she's going to cheat on him and he'll never find out. Well, she worries about the same thing. Paul says that he feels more alone than ever at tech, and Suzanna worries because hes so vulnerable at this point, and she has no idea what hes doing down there. This has notttt helped me feel any better about Greg going to tech in a few weeks. I almost think I'd feel better if I could go to graduation, but with the surgery being the day after, and the goofy lookin face, I know thats absolutely impossible. I just worry that once he gets to tech I'll have constant worries, and hell have constant worries, and we won't be able to keep our cool anymore. With him being at BMT I don't worry about him going out and hooking up with other girls, because theres obviously no time or place for that. Tech is goign to be a different story. I need some insight as to what I need to prepare myself for when Tech time hits. I know it makes some relationships stronger, but worry about the chances of tearing mine apart if im not careful. Am I freaking myself out over nothing? Thats a great possibility im sure. What do ya'll think?

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Haha, this made me feel a lot better, espeically the BUFFARILLAS lol. Thanks guys for the help, I think i'll be able to handle it much better now that I'm some what prepared for what to expect! :)

I'd agree with a couple things said above. Tech is easier because you get to talk to your bf, however it is frustrating at the same time because they are so busy and tired all the time which causes the talks you do have to be short lived. Scott and I do pick fights sometimes but we usually squash it really quick. I noticed it more in the beginning-middle of him being gone. It gets frustrating at times because you miss them but I've definitely noticed we're stronger than ever now. <br />
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The cheating thing...Scotts quite honest when it comes to that. He tells me how guys in his class cheat on their gfs etc. which makes me worry but in the end you gotta just have faith that it's not your guy doing that to you. If they are smart they wont. The good thing is that Scott calls me often and texts me often when hes at the bars so I know he's thinking about me and not girls that are there which he has ever so politely given them the term "BUFFARILLAS" hahahah.<br />
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But over all...much better then BMT :) you'll be fine..don't worry about it or you'll drive yourself nuts. Take it day by day!

okay so heres the thing- while he has been at basic you cant talk at all. then comes tech school and you are basically free to talk whenever you want (or at least it seems like it because you dont have to sit around waiting for the phone to ring!) but i guess what i want to say is that YOU decide if you are going to fight about every little thing or just let it go, and work through things! when my fiance was in tech school we talked every day and didn't fight at all for about a month while he was there. then, as time went on, we started to get angry and pick fights with eachother. although we both knew this would happen because when we arent together and can talk we just start to let the distance get to us! finally we found skype (GET IT, IF HE HAS A COMPUTER!) and it saved us! its video chat and definitely helped with the distance thing! we hadnt seen eachother in about 4 months and the distance just bugged us. but if you truly commit yourselves to making it work and being together, its going to be fine! so just take it a day at a time and i am sure it will work out! lemme know if you need anything! i've been there too!