Is Anyone Going?!!

alrighty then im soooo excited im going to be able to go to my bf's graduation YAY!! its gonna be on the 1st of april so im soo excited :D but hey i was wondering is anyone else here going that day? it'd be nice to know anyone thats in the same squadron as him :D

but yeah soo much to do right now though i only have 3 weeks left! i need to buy somthing really nice to wear :/ is a dress okay? i dunnno i mean geez i dont want to look to made-up but just enough grr lol its so hard finding somthing to wear lol *being such a girl bout it* :P lol but yeah ALSO anyone know like wat i can take to the ceremony? is it kinda like a High school gradutaion? do u take ballons? and stuff like that? O__O i really dont know if anyone can tell me how everthing goes down, that would really help THX!!!! 

ps. , im wondering if we'll be able to have some alone time i mean like they get passes to leave base right? plz and thank u! :D

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TO angie: thx :D i'll be sure to ask lol but thats cool are you guys now living together? :)<br />
<br />
to girlrich: REALLYY! well bf is in 331 :D wow so does that mean thier sorta in the same place lol so where are you gonna stay at? im staying at the holiday inn :DD

Heeyy Im going down that weekend!!! Richard is in squadron 324!!

my names angela everyone calls me angie jeffs job is crew chief on the C-130. hes out of tech and everything now.. so any questions i might be able to answer itll be a little different cause of the different jobs..

really thx :D yeah i heard no showing affection like that on base boo :/ super lame but watever i guess after i'll be able to lol but yeah idunno its kinda hard to know right now what the weather will be like so i guess i'll just bet on the safe side and buy both a dress and maybe somthing more comfy just in case :D thank you so much! <br />
but yeah sorry i havent introduced myself :) well my name is joana but my friends call me tine ^_^ u can too but yeah how are u? whats your bf job in the airforce? :) mines special forces (security) or somthing like that lol :D

yeah they get passes and wearing a dress is a good idea just check the weather.. in texas the weather is crazy. also wear comy shoes youll do alot of walking.. and personal time.. uhmm depends on where you go no cuddeling on base or holding hands no long kissing or long hugs.. but off base you can do some of that stuff it really just depends on who all is around. hope i helped..