What Happens If You Get Hurt At Tech?

Jeremy's ankle is hurt really bad and he can't really walk. What happens to him? If he can't do his PTs will he fail? And if he fails that mean he's out of the AF? Or does he rest up, heal, and get back to work, but come home later? I'm worried. I need to understand the severity of this and if there's anything I could do (thought I doubt there would be) to help.


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Okay, so this is the deal...<br />
Michael pinched a nerve when he was at Tech. He went to the doctor & got a PT waiver for it. He still went to work but when everyone went to do PT, he got to go back to his dorm & sleep. My boyfriend loved the idea of the PT waiver so much that after his back was all healed & he had to stay at Tech for an extra week before he could come home, he went & got another PT waiver.<br />
Don't fret, they get hurt all the time!! It shouldn't get him discharged unless there's something reaallly wrong with him & that will take a while even still. <br />
I'm sorry you haven't heard from him a lot but I can honestly tell you from you to me, they actually do have a lot of **** going on at Tech. It's a hard transformation from BMT to Tech, hopefully once he gets used to a routine he'll be able to call you & talk more =]

So apparently it's so bad that his mom is looking at flights to fly down and help him out. He wont talk to her that much though, I guess he's embarrassed he's hurt or something. Maybe he wasn't talking to me for that reason too? Who knows. He's still not off the hook but I'm going to try everything I can to use him being injured to show him I care. ONCE AGAIN. Haha

SEE I KNEW THERE WAS A REASON, I'm just sorry its so dire.

Yeah, so he's not COMPLETELY ignoring you now. Well I hope he continues this talking!

I'm glad he acknowledged the fact that we still have to talk, but I feel like now he's just putting it off and getting away with it by saying sorry. But at least he knows I'm still there and HOPEFULLY we can talk one day. Even if its a bad talk, it'll resolve somethings. I almost hope he's stuck in his room with no use of his ankle, and HAS to talk to me. Thanks girls. Time for bed for moi.

Well... at least he apologized..? But I know, that ONE text doesn't make up for it at all. Naturally you would care, lol. But karma's gotten him back for you :) But I'm sure he'll be fine, and they'll give him time to heal. He won't get kicked out or anything.

He said, "allie i'm sorry we haven't talked but i just got back from our medical treatment facility on base. i can't walk and my ankle is swollen like crazy"<br />
<br />
I'm not too happy about it. I almost feel worse. I'm a big ball of negativity tonight, don't mind me. lol But he still has weekends free. And a few moments at night for computer time. And no effort. Idk. Still, I care so I worry about him and his damn ankle. Maybe it's just karma. HA I should tell him karma's a *****. No. hahahaha

So, in this one text, he just told you his ankle was hurt badly? That's ALL he said?! After all this time of him not talking to you? Or maybe that's why he wasn't talking to you.. Maybe he really couldn't because he was stuck in the hospital or something if it's really hurt that bad!


just one text :(