Well The Time Has Come...

So March 15th is the day my boyfriend leaves for Texas...to make matters worse it's our 2 year anniversary:(  I mean i keep trying to think of going to his graduation and how exciting it will be but then i always end up thinking of having to say goodbye.  I'm trying to stay positive and strong for him but it's so hard. We're having his going away party this weekend, i know its going to be hard on a lot of people.  I just feel like i'm losing him and he's slipping out of my hands.  I know we'll be fine, but it's a huge change. I'm just not wanting this week to end.  I hope these 8 weeks fly.  I'm going to focus more on school (my grades have dropped this semester, due to worrying more about him then anything else) and focus on TEXAS. i'm really excited but it's going to be a fast 4 days then back to not seeing him again.  I just want to finish school and be with him, year left thank goodness. But i'm sure after monday writing here will be a normal thing for me, it makes me feel better. Well stay strong girls!! i know easier said then done.

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Celebrate your 2 year on a different day! It's not the day that matters but the fact that you've made it 2 years =] Before Michael left for Alaska, his mom made Thanksgiving dinner because he won't be back for it & he missed it this year since he was at BMT. I mean who eats Thanksgiving dinner in February? Military families =]<br />
Enjoy every moment with him!

I hope you go to graduation!!!! It will definitely make all this worth it!!

thanks girls it means a lot. i try to talk to family and friends but nobody seems to understand what it's like. everyone says "it will be okay" and stuff like that. but they really don't understand what it's like. i'm trying to enjoy the last few days with him, we seem to be fighting more then usual. i think he's just nervous, excited and stressed and it all comes out on me. i just bite my tounge though because i know he doesn't mean it at all. alright, well here goes one last week of having him around.:( i feel like you girls all understand and i love it. it makes me feel better in some odd way. :)<br />
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and renzat: i told my boyfriend we cant say the gb word (goodbye) . we have to say "see ya sooN". gb is so serious i can't do it. haha

Aww hun. my boyfriend leaves march 30th.. and im starting to feel the same way about its getting so close. i am also in school.. 9 more months till i graduate with my bachelors.. so EXCITED! but anyway just wanted to say if you ever need to talk,, im here. we will kinda be doing this together so..

It's not "Goodbye," it's "I'll see you soon" :)

the four days will go fast, but once BMT starts that will also go fast time flew by for me.. to be honest there where things i liked bout it.. like writting letter i LOVED writing letters.. and checking the mailbox everyday, some days its dissapointing but whenyou get the letters its the most amazing feeling.. if you need someone to talk to all these girls are here and if you wanna message me imma good listener and can answer any questions ya got. keep strong! and charish this last week with him.