Highschool And Longdistance Relationships Dont Mix.

so pretty much all week i have felt like i was a piece of crap.. and im not good enough. im having such hard trouble being in highschool and jeff not being here cause i have things like prom.. and i have givin up alot for this boy and i dont want to give up my first prom.. i feel like i cant do this anymore.. he is always in a bad mood and i feel like its only towards me. Jeffs not really good with sharing feelings so i think it makes it harder caus i dont know how he feels... being this far apart is diving me insane.. i just want him home so we can do all the things we used too.. i want him to go to prom with me but he cant come home for it.. so i had to find a new date and jeff didnt really like that but it was either find a new date or dont go and i love things like prom and stuff.. do you think im wrong for going with a friend.. i have come to the conclusion that being a airforce girlfriend is tough and sometimes i really want to give up. but i could never do that to jeff.. i just needed to vent again maybe it will turn this week into a better one very doubtfull.. and then my ex boyfriends girlfriend wont leave me alone. i have no clue why just randomly yelling at me which is making me feel like complete crap.. uhh i wish some girls where never alive cause all they do is cause drama in my life and i really dont need it.. i havent dated this boy for like 3 years.. and i havent talked to him for bout 2 so she has no need to flip on me.. idk.. im so tired of all this drama i cant take it anymore.

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my husband(yes im married in highschool) cant go to my prom either or graduation. <br />
if its something you want to do, go for it! you still have to live for you and do things that make you happy! important highschool experience!<br />
and it sucks for them too, these arent things they want to miss, so i would just keep that in mind.<br />
ive decided not to go to mine, i went last year with Steven and im not to into the whole highschool thing anymore. <br />
go, have fun :) just make sure he knows you understand he couldnt and its the experience you want to soak in

yeah, i would just go with all frieds but all my friends have boyfriends so i dont think i would have fun at all.. i think i would just be lonely. and we are getting a limo and stuff so i wouldnt reallyhave anyone to hangout with the whole time.. idk.. im just nervous and tored of highschool drama hopefully jeff can come home for prom and homecoming next year..

I went through the same thing though I did go to my Junior Prom with Doug before he left but he wasn't here for my Senior Prom. I won't lie, it sucked and I kind of dreaded it but overall I ended up having a really good time with my huge group of friends that went. Most had dates but there was a few that were single. He will understand whether you go alone or with a friend. It gets a lot better when you are out oh high school! I did a whole year long distance in high school, no fun with dumb immature drama.

Well you don't HAVE to have a date. My group of really good friends, all girls and a couple guys, all went as singles. Some had s/o's and some didn't and we all had an AMAZING time. I know this doesn't happen often, but you could still have a great time with just the girls. It'll be okay, things in life get so much bigger than prom, and I guess a sneak peak of that is the afgf lifestyle. It'll work out, it'll get better. I promise.

oh i hate thinking bout prom right now but thats all everyone is talkkingbout.. it brakes my heart planing it.. its like i always thought jeff would be here.. or could atleast come home for it.. blahh..

Highschool is notorious for being tough. Drama drama drama! It gets better after graduation, I promise. Girls are super harsh and evil sometimes... <br />
<br />
It's completely natural for you to want to go to prom! I'm sure Jeff feels bad about not being able to take you and it's hard for him to hear that you are going with someone else. But you deserve to go and have fun! It's just a friend anyway. I went with a friend my junior prom too, it was a blast. Don't get too down! You said it's your first prom, so maybe he can be there for your senior prom! Don't beat yourself up for wanting to have fun, I'm sure he doesn't want you sitting at home all sad while everyone else is out having fun. How guilty would he feel? Just assure him that he means the most to you and that you would love for him to be there. <br />
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You are very strong and admirable for being with someone in the military while you are in highschool :) Don't give up the fun times! He will get over it and understand, boys are never very good and sharing how they feel. Hang in there.