P H O N E C A L L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember when I talked to Chris on facebook, he told me that one of his friends may have the charger he needs but I didnt think that was going to happen. But out of curiosity I decided to call during my class break, nothing happened the phone didnt even ring. So I said I'd call when I got home after nine to see what happens. I got home arounf 9 : 17 so I decided to call him again, this time the THE PHONE RANG!! I was so excited, this meant that he was at least able to charge his phone. I said I would try call him again later. So at around 10 : 20 I called again but this time on my house phone and HE ANSWERED!!!!!!!!!! I at first I didnt know if it was actually him or not ( he makes these weird voicemails to make it sounds like he's talking to you) so for a moment there was a pause. I asked him how he was and he told me he was okay. It was my baby!! ^_^ Sadly the conversation wasn't even three minutes. He was checking all the locks on the doors so he couldn't talk to me much but promised that he would tomorrow. He wrote down his mailing address so he is going to give that to me tomorrow as well. So by next week I will be able to send him stuff.  XD He told me he feels like such a douchebag. lol because he had to get off the phone so soon and we havent talked voice to voice in pretty much a month. It was so great hearing his voice again. He sounds just like himself the military is tiring him out though but he has tomorrow off. I cant wait until we can actually TALK again!!!!! The day is drawing near when that dream becomes a reality. I just want to thank you girls so much for having me keep hope alive! I love you all!!!!! I will put up another story tomorrow to let you all know what happens.

I got to hear his voice XDDDDDDDDDDD

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Thanks girls. After the conversation I saw him get facebook and after a minute or so of talking I brought up how Ive been feeling, how I feel like he doesnt care about me and how I feel "unwanted", he simply wrote "that hurts" and signed off a couple of minutes later. :( I'm a bit worried that he's upset with me and wont call me today but his hours arent free until an hour from now so I hope I hear something soon. <br />
<br />
Ugh me and my big mouth. : /

YAY! About time :) It all gets better from here!

Awesome! I'm glad :)

Ahhhhhhhh! Yay!!! I'm so glad! Oh thank goodness, I'm so glad you're finally getting some contact from him. It's been foreverrrr. lol

That's fantastic!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU! :)