My Favorite Thing To Read When Im Feeling Down, Which Seems Alot Lately.

well i pulled out my box of Jeffs letters and i was reading them... and i found this and figured i would share it..

You think you know me but you havent the sightest clue. im the girl in the car with the windows rolled up and tears in her eyes because the local country stationed is currently playing "Letters From Home". Im the girl who visits the AIRFORCE website at odd hours of the night to find some kind of confort for that lonesome feeling that has settled in the pit of her stomach. Im the girl who will willingly sacrifice her family, and her home to follow HER MAN clear across the country. Im the young women who swells with pride everytime she sees her AIRMAN standing tall in his dress blues. Im the one who spots a AIRFORCE sticker, lisence plate, or flag and feels a connection whith its owner. I, the young women who tries her hardest to go about her everyday life. Im the young women who tries to concentrate during her classes and tries not to cry. Im the young women who closes her eyes and oretends that the man she loves is laying rigth there next to her, his arms wrapped around her.  Im the young women who tries not to miss him too much, The girl who tried not to cry when she hears his name or the mention of soldiers. Im many things, but most importantly I AM THE LOVE OF A UNITED STATES AIRMAN!

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so cute. ^_^

ohh me too its like anything and everything airforce relates to me haha.

i love this!!! i am constantly going to the AF website or if i see someone with an AF shirt on I have to stop and talk to them!

i have alot more.. haha they where just alot to type.

Oh my God! This is soooooo cutee!!!!