A Small Update.

I got my first letter on Wednesday March 3rd!!! It was amazing! I was so happy I felt like framing the thing on my wall lol. But I carry it everywhere with me. He talked about how much he misses me and how BMT is and that he loves me. He said that his flight got in trouble for having countdown calendars (i sent him one for valentines day) and that they almost got their mail calls and phone calls ******** until the 8th week because some idiot took a peanut butter packet back to his dorm but then the guy confessed so it's alright now. He told that he LOVES church which is funny because he freaked out at the very idea of going to church back home but I am so glad that he loves it.  Towards the end he said something that gets me choked up everytime. He asked "So when do you want to get married?" We talked about it before but him writing in a letter really makes me happy. I can't wait!!!! I'm expecting another phone call this sunday. =) I love phone calls! But first I have to go to a drill meet tomorrow at Wichita, Kansas. I think we're gonna place. Wish me luck =D

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haha! that just made me laugh because of the peanut butter packets!! <br />
<br />
they all love church, i'd never even heard my boyfriend talk about church when we first got together. & then in all of his letters he wrote about church & i was like whaaaaat?! it's the only time they don't get yelled at when they're there. he asked me to go with him when i went to his graduation & at first i was really hesitant/nervous but we went & it was one of the most favorite things i've ever done with him! i started crying in the middle of it & everything!! if you get the opportunity, you should go, you'll love it!!! =]

good luck!!!