Oooh My Goodness!

As you guys miiight remember, my long term boyfriend left for BMT last Tuesday. I was expecting a phone call from him for his address on the weekend because that's when he initially told me it'd probably imagine my shock when I see his name on my phone (calling me) in the middle of class Thursday afternoon!!!

Our classes are long; about 2.5 hours, and our professors usually give us a little 10 minute break at the halfway point. Unfortunately I was in the middle of a conversation with my prfoessor about the show Dexter, of all things, and I almost didn't answer my phone. I felt it vibrating in my pocket and almost decided to ignore it but randomly pulled it out at the last minute, saw his name, and ran out of the classroom like a bloody lunatic mid-conversation. Hahaha. I was so excited...

Then I hear his voice....and it's hard to understand him clearly and he's pausing between sentences...and I realize he's crying and trying to stop it while he's talking. My heart BREAKS on the spot and all I want to do is hold him in my arms and tell him it's ok. UGHH!! Of course we didn't have any time to talk....once he read off the address, which I made him repeat back to me a few times because i did NOT want to get it wrong, and then he told me a little list of things we weren't allowed to send him, and he said he loved me and I told him I loved him and I'd send him letters as soon as I could.

SAAAD FACE! Oh my GOSH! I was so happy to hear his voice but at the same time it was so heartbreaking! I mean, I heard some girls say their guys cried when they called that first time but I totally did not expect Chad to cry at all! I've seen him cry once in the three years we've been dating....and GAH! I mean,  he was fighting back the crying while he's trying to read me his was so hard to understand him at first and I could tell he was trying so hard to speak clearly. I can't stop thinking about that call. I sent him letters I wrote wednesday and thursday this morning so hopefully he gets those as soon as possible and his TI lets him read them.. I want him to feel even just a little bit better. I wish I could do more. :(

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Aww :) haha I told you girl! I was shocked too when he was choking back tears, but he said like the first couple weeks he'd cry every night. Which is crazy for my boyfriend too. Those first 2 weeks are the hardest because the TI's try to break them down so they can build them back up into tough airmen! And also, it doesn't really hit them how much they miss you until they're miserable over there and all he can think about is how much he wants to be with you. Hopefully Shannon is right about him having a decent TI and he'll be able to stay in touch more often! :)

awwww soo lucky you got a call ! :) thats great but I am sorry that hes really upset he probably just misses you a lot !! I am happy that you got to hear his voice i would do anything to be able to get that because I honestly have NO idea whats going on his mind at all last time I saw heard from him was when he left haha. And people say I probably wont hear from him for a few weeks so I have no idea im freakin lost right now haha. <br />
<br />
But yes like smako says you are his strength right now to get through this and he just misses you and wants to be with you terribly im sure.

it's a good sign that you got a phone call so quickly, that MIGHT mean that his TI isn't so bad & you MIGHT get letters more often!<br />
definitely recommend church, it's the only time they cannot get yelled at & won't. & they definitely just need like an hour of quiet after a hard week. <br />
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& about the crying--I got an unexpected phone call, Michael snuck over to the phone & made it because he "just didn't care anymore" It didn't even sound like him. It sounded like a little boy crying & I actually had to ask if it was him. I didn't realize he was crying until he started telling me he was going to quit. I still to this day don't know what came over me but all I could do was encourage him to stay. I think about that phone call all of the time. Just remember YOU are his strength =]

Agreed, church helped James a ton!! Even got him to believe! ( i thought that'd never happen!! :D)<br />
a lot of ppl have said that church is their release from your man should at least consider it!

Im glad you got a call so quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jeff didnt go to church but went during BMT cause it was alone time and time where he could just think.. write as much as you can it will helo him a ton.. just try not to tell him how upset you are try to make things happy for him.. time will pass fast..

Wow. You had to wait a long while to get his address. I got his the exact same night he got there! It is hard but it will get better for him as time goes on. If he doesn't go to church, he really should. My guy said that is his favorite thing about BMT and before he left, he was so against religion. Just make sure to write him positively telling him he can do it and all. Good luck! It will get better for you too as time goes on.