About To Go Through My First Deployment <3

This is my first time on here so:::Here is my story.

I have been with my boyfriend since 4/21/07 and I convinced him to join the air force for "us" on 9/16/08. Gullably, i thought he would get stationed where I was (Hawaii) but instead he didn't. SInce he has been stationed in Nevada we have been visiting eachother back and forth and doing EVERYTHING to make it work! We have skype, yahoo messenger, myspace..etc. He is the sweetest guy...he's the guy who still opens the car door for you even if you're arguing. He's the guy who refuses to let you take the trash out. He's the guy who always seems to suprise you when you least expect it. I adore him. But now our long distance relationship has gotten more complicated because he is going to deploy. As we got closer to the deployment date...we began to argue more and more...and now he is in pre-deployment training on the mainland and this sucks because he doesn't have a phone or internet so we cant talk. And i think after that he's going straight to overseas. I have an idea of what to expect while he's deployed but at the same time i am clueless. i really miss him and he;s only been training for a week....what am i going to do for the next 6-8 months???? If i dont think about it im okay...but as soon as i start thinking....thats it. I feel lonely, depressed, and helpless. i write him emails and go to the store to find a card that says exactly how i feel but i dont have an address to send these things to and he cant check his email yet. the funny thing is....over this past week ....my feelings for him are like when we first met and how that first month feels :) I just wish i could get a call from him soon...i just really want to hear his voice and hope he feels the same way as i do.  

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Hello :) I know exactly what you are going through. My airman and I are going through our first deployment right now as well. You will definitely have some very bad days especially for the first month. I'm not saying it really gets any easier as time goes on. But one thing I like to keep in mind is everyday that goes by that you don't get to be together is another day closer to when you will. What I do is write to him everyday and send out my letters once a week. It makes me feel a little bit more like I am talking to him everyday like normal. And believe me you learn to take nothing at all for granted. There will be many people who don't understand and don't get why you get so excited over a 5 minute phone call. If you ever need anyone to talk to about it I'm definitely here. You can add me on Facebook - Krista Flanagan - St. Francis University or add me on AIM wizards2306 :) hope to hear from you soon

this probably won't make a lot of sense to you now & i really can't talk since we haven't been through a deployment yet, but do you remember feeling that exact same way before he left for BMT? because i do. i thought it was the end of the world & there's no way that i could get through it. & then after he graduated BMT i thought there was no way i'd make it through Tech School. & now that he's graduated Tech School, i think i've just realized that you HAVE to feel that way in order to get through it. remember how much you've already been through together, that should show you that you can get through anything... 6 to 8 months is nothing compared to a lifetime together!<br />
also, the fighting is a sign of how much you CARE for each other even though it doesn't feel like it. you're fighting because you're both scared of what's going to happen. & it's easier to be mad at him for leaving than to deal with it outright, at least that's how it is for us... <br />
hope that helps a little!

Im sure he is feeling the exact same way you are right now. the moment he gets the chance he will call you i guarantee it.

awwww thanx. its funny...my phone is glued to my hip since he's been in training. You both are right...as soon as i get that phone call, and hear his voice...i wont feel so in the dark :)

oh my me and jeff started dating 4/21/09 haha.. ohh man deplaoyment will suck alot but i agree with emily that once you hear his voice it iwll all make sence of what your waiting for.

Well, I can't add much but I definitely know that feeling, where it's the first month all over. And it makes me really happy to hear someone else say that because it's insane how much I was thinking that lately. Anyway, all I can say is, it seems like you two really care about each other, if not, you wouldn't have stuck it out longer, so yes, deployment will suck, but he still loves you and misses you like crazy, I'm positive. Being in a military relationship is all about waiting, I've noticed, so I guess you'll be doing a ton of that now. But soon enough he'll get to internet or a telephone and once you hear his voice, everything will make sense again. Welcome girly! Good luck. My thoughts are with you. :)