Happy!! But Sad At The Same Time...

okay girls...this past week was BEAST week for Michael so I didn't get any letters which I didn't expect a letter. Last Sunday was the first phone call I've gotten from him and then tonight he called and we talked for 11 minutes!! The connection was awful but it was still amazing to hear him say he really missed me and loved me :) So...he is an only child and him and his mom have always been really close. And her and I are really close too but tonight when we were bout to hang up he asked me to call his mom and tell her hey for him and that he loved her and missed her. So I was shocked that he wasn't gonna call her and I asked him and he said he didn't have any more time. I got off the phone and I called her and she started crying on the phone! He is 20 years old...should I feel bad?? I do but then again he is growing up, that's one of the main reasons he joined the AF!  i don't know what to do! I just am happy that we heard from him and he is doing good! What do I do? What do I say to her? Should I apologize? We have to travel to TX together in a week and a half! : /

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thanks girl!!! yeah...we text all the time and we have even went out to dinner and to the movies a couple times since he's been gone...our relationship was amazing and i hope she doesn't hold it against me that he called me! and yeah, i will restrain myself from running to him when i see him even tho it's gonna be hard!

oh & also, let him hug/kiss his mom/family first @ graduation, it means a lot to them & it's a sign of respect to them (they're his blood after all)<br />
plus, it'll build suspense between the 2 of you & it's like "saving the best for last" ;]

Don't apologize! Michael leaving for the AF made his mom & I closer than I ever thought we'd be! When we first started dating I didn't even think that woman liked me! But when he left for the AF he'd trade off times that he'd write letters between the both of us. She got the first phone call with his address & called me right after she talked to him, I slept with my phone until I heard from her. After that, we called each other every single time we got a letter & read it to one another (I left out some parts in mine haha) We wound up talking at least twice a week, even just to check up on each other.<br />
One day, she read one letter to me & in it he wrote a part just for me because he didn't have enough time to write a separate letter, it said "Tell everyone I love them (especially Shannon)" it was the FIRST time he told me he loved me & it was through his mom! <br />
<br />
Sorry for rambling lol But basically my point is, he called YOU & spent all his time on YOU because he wanted to, you shouldn't apologize for his actions! But you should take this trip as an opportunity to try to build a better relationship with her especially since they're so close. That's how Michael & his mom are, but now I'm like her second daughter & I'm there all the time, helping her out & we talk constantly. I'm not saying that's how it will be for you, but you should try. You might be surprised! Start out by talking about how proud you are of him & how excited you are to see him & your conversation will most definitely branch out from there!<br />
& have an AMAZING time @ BMT grad, it's an experience you'll never forget!