What A Great Day!

I had to wake up at 3am to go to a drill meet with my high school JROTC group. We traveled on a bus for 3 hours to Witchita Kansas. I swear it felt longer though. lol. We competed in unarmed regulation drill, armed regulation drill, first year reg drill, and we put in 2 color guards. I was on the unarmed team, armed team and one of the color guards. We all did so well!!! We tried our hardest and we made a few mistakes we shouldn't have but at the end of the day everything was alright. The unarmed team placed 2nd out of 17. In the first year team we placed 3rd out of 19. In the color guard that I was in we placed 7th out of 20, we would've got 4th if the commander (my bff) didn't miss a command but i still love her! In armed we placed 9th out of 15 and the other color guard placed 12th out of 20. Overall I think we did great. This is actually our 2nd year having a drill team and we're still learning the ropes of things. Afterwards we went to celebrate at Chili's, a little tradition we started this year. Like a said, it has been a great day and just when I thought it was over I get home and find a letter from Rocky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is doing so well! He said he wished he could've stuffed me in his bag and hid me in his closet lol and he would feed me peanut butter packets. He is so funny! He is doing a little countdown for my birthday on March 23rd while I'm doing a countdown for April 9th(graduation). lol. He found out that is as going to be a Tactical Deployed Leader at BEAST (which happens to fall on the week of my b-day) Geez I miss him so much but I am amazed at how fast the weeks go by. It's already week 4!! I can't wait!!! oh and phone call tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Rockysgrl204 Rockysgrl204
18-21, F
Mar 7, 2010