sooo my boy has never given me a reaon not to trust him when he goes out but I cant find anyway to trust him.  He went out tonigiht and just everything id ******* me off and I should be so happy for him (he meet some of the broncos players and he is the hugest broncos fans). i tried to be happy but I just cant find it in me to trust the situation def since he is always trashed when he goes out.  its taking a huge toll on me and I cant even sleep when he is out and doesnt get home till around 5am my time.  I still ahve at least a yr before I can move there but highle doubt I will move there since it is hard to find jobs there and I dont know how much I can take. he tells me he loves me and would never hurt me but when he is out completly plastered i just dont believe it.  i get so pissed that i wanna cry and just dont know what to do cause i would never asked or tell someone to give up going out.....

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if you let it fester inside, its probably going to get the best of you, and youll start to think the worst and resent him. i think you should let him know how you feel, and how it does bother you. im not to sure of a solution to it, but he would be the best person to talk to about this

maybe you should tell him how you feel.. i have the same problem, except jeff does drink but all of his friends do and they try to get him to cheat on me.. which i know he wont but theres just that thought in the back of my head.. jeff has never given me a reason to trust him so i told him how i feel and he doesnt go out as much now.. just try to talk to him and see if he will listen i know airmen are stuburn.