Soooo Upsetttt!!!

So as some of you may know my boyfriend of 6 years went off into the air force BMT in texas this past Tuesday and I am seriously SOOOOO lost right now. I have NO idea how hes feeling I literally know nothing. He ended up calling his parents at like 230am our time which was 530am his time on Wednesday morning to give them the address he didn't even end up calling me like he said he was going to... And I mean it kind of upsets me just because all I really wanted was just to see how he was doing and make sure that hes ok and I am afraid now that I am goign to have to wait 2-3 weeks just to hear from him. Last time I heard from him was literally right before he went on the plane to leave and since then I have NOOO idea whats going on and I hateeee feeling out of the dark on whats going on...

I really am needing some support right now I've sent out 2 letters for him, and I want to write him more but right now I am just feeling down and just in that mood where I am just upset about the whole situation. ITS extremely hard for me just because I am a huge worry bug and I literally feel like hes completely out of my life right now like there is no me and him its just me myself and I. I am hoping to hear from him this weekend but people were saying that its doubtful just because they keep them busy the next few weeks... but is there any chance that I would hear from him next weekend?? I am seriously trying to keep positive and keep busy but I realllyyy don't know how much longer I can cope with out hearing a peep from him haha.. What do you girls think and what do you think I should do in the mean time?

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Being a former Marine myself, I know what it's like to be out of contact with loved ones for long periods of time. Sometimes there are places that our loved ones go that we can't follow. That's a lesson that we all learn at some point. Take this time to work on yourself and become better for yourself, and possibly for him. There was a time when both my fiancee and I were deployed in Iraq but in different towns and his patrol got ambushed. I thought he was dead for a week and even though I was in Iraq too, I couldn't get information out of his command. It drove me to near insanity, but I had to keep calm and do my job while my heart was breaking. In the end, it didn't matter how much I worried, the outcome was the outcome. The lesson is, learn to put things you can't control out of your mind. Believe me, I know how difficult it is.

omgosh thank you all for the support!! Its just hard sometimes I guess because I just am so lost without him and it feels like hes not even part of my life. My mom was even saying its almost like hes dead (but obviously not HAHA) but it sometimes actually feels like that as dramatic as that sounds!! haha.<br />
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So do your airforce men use their cell phones to call or their phones ? Because my bfs recruiter says that they are allowed to use their cell phones and gave him this sheet on cell phone policy and stuff... but then on the list of things he needed to bring it said a prepaid calling card which he never brought because his recruiter said they are allowed to use cell phones? Should that be an issue? Idk if i should send him one or not :(. <br />
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Gosh 3-4 weeks is a long time for having absolutely no contact omgoshhh!! HAHA its only been like 5 days for me and im having a hard time... But I am hoping it passes and crossing my fingers to hear from him sooner than later :(.

You just have to remember that you're not the only one feeling this way. He's feeling it too. And probably 10 times worse. Some TIs wont let them call their girlfriends for the address call. So that might have been why he didnt call you. I promise he's thinking about you ALL OF THE TIME! Keep writing him and STAY POSITIVE! He's in hell right now and doesnt want to hear about how miserable his girlfriend is back home lol The first two weeks is a major bump to get over but once you get over it, you'll feel a lot better! I promise it gets better once you start hearing from him. When my boyfriend was in bmt, I started hearing from him at the beginning of week 3. And I heard from him at least 2 times a week after that whether it was letters or phone calls. Stay strong both for him and for yourself! He's going to be looking to you for support and encouragement throughout this whole thing. And I bet he'll use his next phone call to call you :)

it's hard but i didn't hear from my man for 2 weeks and he used his first call to call his parents too. it's super hard but in the end it's worth it because not only is he getting stonger you are learning how to be ore independant. chris and i appreciate our time together so much more and our relationship has matured more than i ever thought it would. he is thinking about you every single second and dying to call you don't worry. I went through a phase where i thought he would realize he didn't need me or something but when we finally talked he just told me i was insane and wanted to marry me and that the only thing keeping him going was my letters. i only got 5 min phone calls once a week on saturdays so just expect the worse so you won't be dissapointed when you don't hear from him. it's hard but i promise you it'll all be worth it! stay strong for him girl!!! he needs you now more than ever!

Awwww it's ok! I know how you feel- even though I was lucky enough to get a call from my guy on Thursday, I didn't even get a chance to ask him how he's doing or make any conversation at all. I feel really in the dark's so weird to go this long without having a real conversation with him. It's really depressing but just keep on writing letters. I hope we hear from our guys again soon! I've been keeping my phone on me at ALL TIMES just in case!! :) It'll be ok. We can do this.

awww, hunny. keep writing him letters.. he will ove everyone he gets. and dont listen to girls that say you wont get a call it all matters bout his TI. he might have a nice TI and get to call you saty hopefully. i know it seems really hard, but in the end it will all make sence.. just wait till you hear his voice.. and then you get a letter. and everything will start getting better..

Have me i take your mind off him i give you pleasure

Hunny I know EXACTLY what you're felling. The only thing you really can do is wait for him faithfully and keep sending him your letters. It may seem like the LONGEST 8 weeks of your life but having those letters from him will mean so much and put you in the best of moods.