Cloud 9 =)

So tomorrow (Monday) will have made 2 weeks since my Tre's been gone and Tuesday will have made 2 weeks since he's been at Lackland. Anywho, I was out to drop my sis off at work and do some shopping when all of a sudden I got a call from a number I've never seen before. Sure enough, it was my love =) =) =) He talked about the TI's being mean and how it seems like this one TI has something against him. He even said he wanted so badly to punch the guy but he knows he can't. We also talked about letters. He got the ones I sent this past Wednesday. His TI hasn't given his squadron time to write so Tre said he snuck time in right before church today and sent it on his way to church (that boys gone thru a ton of trouble for me before and he's still doin it =) =D). He also talked about getting married after he graduates (I know it can't happen that soon but I just loved hearing that he really wants to and still thinks about it) and he even begged me to get my StateID so I can go to his graduation. Even tho it was only a 17min. conversation, we talked about a lot. When he knew he had to get off the phone to let another guy use it, he started crying and saying that he misses/loves me and misses being home with me (I wish being a 'jumper' could actually happen). I told him that I love/miss him too and told him to keep his head up cuz it'll all be worth it in the end (I was just surprised that he ended up crying but I didn't cuz I was just too happy to hear from him so soon). If the team doesn't mess up, he should be able to call me next weekend =) and I'll be getting a letter from him sometime this week =) =) I'm sooooo on cloud 9 right now =)

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that is soo amazing. i always told jeff i wish he could be a vanpire cause they dont sleep and move really fast so he could come visit me at night :) i hope you get many more phone calls and letters!

It is amazing =) Well I have an old hawaii state ID but it expired last year and I haven't gotten a new one since I moved here in Texas so I gotta get on the ball and get one

:) isn't that first call amazing? You're stronger than me though, I was bawling and so was Zach lol. He was calling me right after getting yelled at apparently and he was ready to give up. He snuck a letter to me as well, he even made a count down calender that he keeps hidden somewhere. If they found out he had one, we would get destroyed! Ah isn't it great hearing from them after all this time? It makes it worth it. Do you not have an ID at all?

Thats my number 1 goal for the week =) =)

YAY!!! Now get your ID! lol :)