Letter, Letter, Letter!!


After 5 weeks I have one! I walked into the house after checking the mailbox like I always do and my roommate pounced on me with it! So exciting!

It was short, but sweet - perfect. He said his TI is a jerk and his flight mates are lazy so they get no opportunities. He only got to write a letter in bible class and the lady said she'd send them out for them. He got lucky.

He said "I miss you like crazy" around 6 times :D and says he looks at my picture all the time, which means he doesn't get much work done. Also, he's going to be the flag bearer for his flight!! That's so exciting, apparently he's good at marching. He didn't say anything about me going because before he left he thought I wouldnt be able to because he leaves right away for tech school. But I want to go and I make it clear in all of my letters. I look into flights every day.

Getting a letter is so incredible! I teared up and smiled the whole time. Now I know how it feels and this will definitely help me get through the next 3 1/2 weeks.

I'm so proud!!

Have a lovely day ladies :]

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4 Responses Mar 8, 2010

I get my letters on Tuesdays and I just got letter number 3.. Each one gets longer =P

yayayayayay!!! I knew it!! Your next few weeks will just FLY by!!! =]

omgoshhh sooo exciting girl im glad you got to hear from him :). Bummer about the mean TI but how nice of the lady to send out the letter for him what a sweetheart!!

Oh my gosh! That's so excitinggggg!! :) I'm really happy for you.....you had to wait such a long time!! I can't wait to get my first letter. My boyfriend's only been gone for one week though....and I know *usually* people say around the 3rd week is when they send out their first letters. <br />
<br />
Was the first letter the first time you've heard from him since he's been gone or have you gotten phonecalls too? :)