A Good Update For Once

I've been pretty down about the future since John got home, most of you know that (well, those of you who followed my while he was in BMT), but there looks to be some light at the end of the tunnel. John got a tech school date and he will be gone June 28-August 25th. He comes home on his birthday which is pretty exciting. We also got word that his truck which he was initially supposed to get from his grandma in Indiana, is going to be available to him. We just have to go there and pick it up and put insurance on it. This is great news. This means when he comes back from tech school he will have a vehicle to drive until he can save up towards a newer one.

As most of you know, the whole time John was in BMT, I was getting hints from him and my friends that he was going to propose. He didn't, and when I talked about rings he kind of blew it off. Well--lately, like in the last 2 weeks or so, he has been more talkative about it and said something about soon after he returns from tech school, I might get a surprise. I dunno, I am just sort of like--we live together, he's in transition, it's been 14 months, meh. I guess if he proposes, he proposes. It will be a surprise.

He and I have been spending a lot of time talking about the future, about buying a house or getting a bigger apartment in a year or so, like a year after he gets back from tech school. We have talked about going to Japan for a honeymoon and doing other things. I really do love him, and we have fun together, I am just scared that he is going to go to tech school and drink in phase 3 and be stupid and get into trouble or something. I get paranoid really easily.

I'm 25 and being an Air Force girlfriend is hard--probably harder than going through my divorce...so I'm taking it one day at a time.

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Awwwww! I'm so glad! I wasn't losing faith in you guys. You're too cute. And talking about the future is AWESOME progress. I really hope things continue to work out. :)

Yahhh!!! I know we already messaged about this but still, excited news!!! I am suppper happy for you and John!!!