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Hey Ladies. I am a new air force girlfriend. My boyfriend left home on February 2nd and his graduation is schedule for April 1-4th. I am so ready to see him! I've gotten 4 letters and I just received a phone call. Well i received one before but seeing that I am a college student, i was in the library studying and writing a paper and didnt even feel it vibrate. I actually cried because i was so mad at myself. Although i know there is about 5 more weeks left, the days are not getting as short as i would like. I write him almost everyday. only because before he left we texted and or talked ALL DAY! so this was kinda drastic for me. What are you all suggestions for me? What should I expect for graduation?

p.s. Since we couldnt spend valentines day together i made a scrapbook on that day. it actually helped. I'm so anxious its almost pitiful lol


We've been dating since 2007 and talking 2006 (freshies in college). Im about to graduate this may, and he's officialy an airman..how will our lives stay on track together?

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Welcome!! ^_^

OH! And don't stress about missing a phone call. Yes, it's heartbreaking, but there will be more, and it'll help YOU out in the long run. Just say sorry in your next message. Don't beat yourself up. :(

Welcome :D <br />
Suggestions: keep writing him. EVERY SINGLE DAY. don't complain about life, don't cry in your letters or anything like that. Stay supportive and tell him you miss/love him and are VERY proud of him. YOU are what is pulling him through this!! <br />
When graduation rolls around make sure you take LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of pictures! Also, make sure you're ready for the weather, because Texas is crazy Bi-polar. <br />
Most of all, Stay Strong, keep busy and when you see him again, HAVE FUN!!