Week 2?

Everyones so confusing about whats going to happen while my boyfriends in bmt. I dont know what to expect! My boyfriend of 6 months left on march 2nd. His graduation is suppose to be april 30th. My brother has been in the AF for 3.5 years and says that my boyfriend will only be able to call one person on sunday each week and that they make them call their parents. Then my friends fiance just got out of basic and said that if they take thier cell phone they can call whoever they want for an hour, but then my brother said when you first get to basic everyones cellphone gets taken away and you get it the last day of basic. I've heard that they love getting letters and then i've heard that they dont have enough time to read them or write back. im so anxious to know something and i haven't even heard that he's called his dad. anyone know something FOR SURE? Does anyone know how these things work NOW days...does it depend on his TI? PLEASE!? someone?

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Thanks guys! It was good to hear that everyones going through or has went through the same thing. Yall are right! I should probably just relax. It's so tough though! I miss him so much!

OOOHHH my gosh! My boyfriend of 3 years left on march 2nd too!! :)<br />
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My boyfriend called me the Thursday during his first week and I got his address and I've been writing him every day. <br />
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Aside from that, yeah....everyone else answered pretty much everything!

Gosh i know exactly how you feel im on week 2 also his graduation is the same date april 30th and he left the same day as your boyfriend. His first call he made out was to his parents for his address. Which I think he made that call to his parents because his TI made him (not a good sign) because he promiesd me he would call me so I am totally almost certain it was because of his TI. I haven't received any letters yet but I have sent out two and sending another 2 tomorrow. Keep me updated though I would love to hear when you receive letters from him and calls :)

if your brother went through bmt years ago, things have changed since then. I believe it used to be 6.5 weeks long and now it is 8.5 weeks. Also, they have a new cell phone policy it is listed on Lacklands website, but none of the T.I.'s follow it. My boyfriend has been gone for 2 weeks now and he has got to make one phone call so far ( the friday after he got there) and he called from his cell phone. The phone call was to give his address and it was only about 4 minutes long. My friend graduated from air force bmt a few months ago and she said that most T.I.'s give them their cell phones back for the first phone call so it saves time since they won't have to wait for everyone to use the payphones. She said some t.i.'s give their cell phones back to let them call when they earn calls but some still make you use payphones. And as for the length of the phone calls, that all depends on the T.I. too. I know girls who's boyfriends only got one or two short phone calls while they were gone, but I know some who got a phone call every week. Just keep your phone on you and don't get your hopes up for a call. Its better to get one when you're not expecting it than to sit around and wait for one and then never get one. As for letters, I still have not received any after two weeks, that also depends on the T.I. I know some guys who didn't get to start writing letters until after week 4 or 5, but a lot of girls have said they got their first letter around week 3. Just keep writing him because they should be giving him his letters even if he isnt allowed to write back. And keep your head up, because nothing is in your boys control, he has no say as to how much he can call or write. Just stay supportive and remember that he will write and call as soon as he can.

well the good news is you already have week one down & i hear that is the hardest part (i dont really know because my boyfriend hasnt left yet- but he does leave at the end of the month.) sorry i cant really help you with any of your questions, i just wanted to say welcome to the group.. & i hope time goes by fast for you..

I wouldn't worry about them having enough time to read them. I have sent a letter everyday (minus Sunday) to my boyfriendish thing. He says he loves getting them. I have received about ten letters so far and he is just now starting week four. I think he writes in the dark sometimes but either way, I get letters. But it really really does depend on who their TI is. I have heard some people say they get one or two letters the whole time but I have gotten so many already! <br />
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I wish you luck and DEFINITELY write him. He will appreciate it so much. It really helps them.

Like Steph said, EVERYTHING depends on their TI. You cant really go by what other people say. I know some girls who got consistent phone calls every week on the same day. I know others who got one or two phone calls the entire time their boyfriend was in bmt. I got a total of eight phone calls. And most of those were because my boyfriend was gone during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. They all came on different days, during different times of the day and were all different lengths of time. My advice would be to take your cell phone EVERYWHERE. And I mean, everywhere. Nick called me a few times while I was taking a shower and bot am I glad I had my cell in the bathroom with me. Lol. And answer every number. Nick never called me from the same area code.<br />
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I wrote Nick everyday and he looooooved my letters. He still reads them when he gets homesick :) He swears they are the only things that got him through basic. If he didnt have time to read them before lights out, he would just read them with a flashlight in bed. And he would sneak a lot of letters to me. I got a total of around 20 letters by the time he was done. So write write write! It'll bring you two a lot closer and it will help him more than you can even imagine :) Remember, he wants to be able to talk to you more than anything! He just cant at the moment and will be looking to you for support :)

Everything depends on their TI, from phone calls to reading their mail, and writing back. My bf graduated in Dec and I got 4 phone calls, first the thursday after he left(address call), second his 2 sunday there, third friday of week 5, and then last on the sunday night before graduation. All but the first call, he had to earn. Some TIs will tell them to call there families, mine never did. His TI was really relaxed about girlfriends. In total I got 12 letters. Most of them he snuck out while on his way to temple. My boyfriends swears that my letters are what got him through everything. For him, basic wasn't at all challenging, it was just really hard to be away from everyone. I wrote him everyday (sometimes 3 or 4 letters). He lovvvvved getting my letters. Now that he is home we have 3 huge ziplock bags of all my letters to him. Carry your cell phon EVERYWHERE you go! always have it on loud and vibrate when you can!!! If he doesn't call you, don't worry about him. Chances are that if he isn't calling or writing it is because of his TI and he wishes he could be calling and writing you! Seeing him at grad will make it all worth iT!!!<br />
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I hope this helps! Message me if you have anymore questions!!!