Damn It!

ugh.  So I like to draw.  A lot.  Drawing is my personal release ( tho i don't 'draw how i feel') but I find pictures I like, aannnd I copy them.  (Not to sell or anything, just for my own entertainment.  No copyright crap infringement) anywho, so I was drawing this picture of Gir and it's crying on the floor and it says I NEED A HUG.  So I was drawing and when I was finishing and putting the words on the paper, I realized, DAMMIT, Gir's right.  I NEED A HUG!


I want my damn Airman already!  I haven't seen him since January 11 and I won't see him again until May or June!  And I just want to cry. Cuz he's being a jerk right now and the only real way to fix it is to BE with him...cuz Distance sucks.  It's never done our relationship much good except prove that I love him  and even then the distance makes him super paranoid..


I really hate this.  I thought I'd be use to this **** by now.  I HATE IT!!

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2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

yea, thanks Devon. But this still sucks. HARDCORE!! D:

I wont see Nick until June either. And I wont be able to make any tech school visits. So when he comes home it'll be my first time seeing him in about 6 months. And the distance puts strain on us at times too. So I know how you're feeling. I had a major stress/final/distance between boyfriend/lack of sleep meltdown tonight and all I wanted was for Nick to be home and hug me :( I try to tell myself that I should be used to him being gone by now, but Ive concluded that I will never be used to that. I just have to learn to deal with it better. I wish I could draw. I bet its a great stress reliever :P Theres nothing we can do about it except sit back, support them as much as we can, and wait for them to come home. Its hard. It sucks at times. But hey, we're military girlfriends. We're some of the strongest :) And you can look at it this way: Next time you see James, you'll be getting ready for YOUR WEDDING! :D