My First Call!

So ladies....I GOT MY FIRST CALL! :) It was so amazing and it was only 6 min. long because he wasnt really calling to talk. Which I wish it could have been longer but atleast he called. He could have called anyone else in his family but he called me, so that was nice! He needs me to send him everones liscence number, full name, and d.o.b. for grad. They lost his original form. But it was sooOoo good to hear his voice, and i know now that it was rediculous to ever worry. Im trying only to think about graduation that way i wont have another break down in a week if i dont get a call :)

He told me he loved me and that it was "*sigh* so nice to hear (my) voice" so i got a nice little reboost of love that i needed. He also sounded pretty relaxed, like he wasn't having a tough time with anything. He also said that he had written me a letter in the bathroom to me and that I'd get it soon, so i'm looking forward to that FOR SURE! He gave me his address and I plan on writing him everyday...though i'm kind of worried about that cause i know how much he doesn't enjoy reading so if any of you girls had a guy that hated reading please tell me if he still enjoyed the letters from you? The other thing is that i tend to make novels out of what should have been just a little something short.

I was also wondering If yall know how the weeks progressed for your man in bmt? Does it get harder? He said that he's already lost a little wieght (which i dont understand how considering he was already pretty skinny when he left) and likes the drills. I'm actually thinking that maybe i should start a little losing of weight myself so i can keep up with him ;) Have any of yall started working out more once your man left?

Well, I hope everyone is keeping their heads up! and thank you all for your advice and support!

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I just can't wait to actually get his first letter! I think once i have it, ill feel a lot better because ill b able to read it when i start missing him...but its not hear yet. hopefully tommorrow!

Exactly what Devon said. James' form was lost, he doesn't like to read much, he lost weight, (not sure if he gained any back haha) but yea, whole 9 yards. Your man will LOVE your letters...:)<br />
My first phone call..*sigh* 2 whole minutes and 1 second :D I don't think i'll ever forget that! it's cloud 9 for the next week :) <br />
Now I'm sure you know by now that he won't be able to call EVERY dnt let it get you down. Write him every day and the nights you dnt get a call, reread his letters :)

They lost my boyfriend's form when he was in bmt too lol The Air Force is very disorganized. As you'll discover throughout your military girlfriend adventure :) Nick HATES reading. He hates it. But he looooooved getting my letters! It doesnt matter if he likes to read or not. Its something from YOU. I bet he'll read your letters over and over. By the time Nick graduated, he had a few of mine memorized from reading them so many times. Lol. I also tend to write novels, as you'll notice if you ever read any of my comments or stories around here, and my letters were always at LEAST four pages long. They dread down time because it gives them too much time to think. So by writing long letters, you're giving him something to do and enjoy :)<br />
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He'll loose weight at the beginning, but he'll gain it all back and then some in muscle :) Bmt does seem to get easier for them, and its because they're getting stronger. Both mentally and physically. You'll see these changes as his time in bmt goes on. Like how my boyfriend, who hates to run, wrote a letter all about how he ran for three miles FOR FUN and enjoyed it! Lol A lot of girls start to work out while their boyfriends are in bmt. Its a great stress reliever and your man sure wont be complaining when he see's you for the first time in two months lol :)<br />
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But YAY for your first phone call! Even if it was a short one, I know you'll be on cloud 9 for dayssss :) Im glad you're feeling better. Keep writing him lots of encouraging words!