I Know Its So Soon But...

I still have a good 5-6 weeks life til Tre graduates but I went shopping yesterday and picked out a dress for his graduation =) Within the past year and 4 months that we've been going out, he's never seen me wear a dress and I told him that he'll never catch me in a dress (except for when I get married, but thats the only time). It's been years since I wore a dress because thats all I was put in as a little girl (and I was definetly the tom-boy wanna play with the boys and get dirty kind of girl) but because I love him a ton and wanna surprise him, I'll do it =) I just hope he'll like it.

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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

Haha That's totally normal, I started planning what I would wear if I got to pick up Jeremy at the airport when he got back a whole month before he left for BMT. And Bethanie had her dress like, a couple weeks into BMT. Us girls need these things figured out. Outfits make an occasion. Ghaha I'm sure he'll LOVE it .