First Letter :) :) :)

So today is day 16 since he's been at Lackland and I got my first letter!! I screamed when I opened the mailbox cuz there it was, laying like some long lost treasure (I swear it had a gold aura around it, lol). The mailmans funny because I had other mail too but he put my letter on top of everything so neatly (whether it was coincidence or not, I enjoyed that). In the letter Tre wrote about how the TI's are getting on his last nerves but he said "imma get through it for us" (I LOVE that part, he's my trooper =) ). He also wrote that he probably won't be able to write as much as he wants but "I want you to keep writing me ok!?" (lol, of course I'm gonna write him EVERYDAY, silly boy). He also wrote that his six pack is coming back (*drooling* ooooh la la lol). I love my Tarzan and he loves his Jane (lol, my friend Naudia started that when Tre and I went to high school together and it has just stuck with us since then). Whether I get 1 more letter or 1 more phone call from him while he's in BMT, I can't wait to hear from him =)

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I havent recieved a letter from him yet and am dying to hear from him!!!

You got a letter? Sweet My airman doesnt write letters so all I got was a card :(