Yay Yay Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of you may already know this, but for those of you that don't... I get to visit my Airman for spring break!!! Ahhh, I'm SOO incredibly excited! I'll get to see him for EIGHT days straight! We get ALL weekend together, and then on the weekdays I'll have to wait til 5 or so to see him. We finally get our alone time that we couldn't get during graduation weekend :) His aunt and uncle that live in San Antonio are nice enough to let me stay at their house during the week, and for the weekends I'm staying at the Gateway Inn on base. Him and some of the guys on his team got in trouble last week, so he has to do RMT on Saturday, which is PT that can last from 4-12 hours.. I'm definitely hoping for 4! He's also in phase 1 til he's done with RMT, then he'll go back to phase 3 when he's finished. What sucks is that he didn't even do anything, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. His team is always getting in trouble for stupid things! Oh well though, as long as I get to see him, it's all good. I went through SO much for this. I got into huge trouble cause of my lameass stepdad not wanting me to go, but my mom pulled through for me and got me the tickets anyways :) She can be pretty awesome sometimes. And this trip is definitely not cheap either, lol. But it'll for sure be worth every penny! I'm just so so soooo happy and had to share this with you lovely ladies :) Friday needs to get here like now!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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hmb1290- Aww, I know how it is. While Jordan was in BMT, time seemed like it went by SO sloooow, but his graduation will be here before you know it! Just hang in there girl, it'll be all worth it when it's over :) It's crazy though because the amount of time since I've saw him last, which was at his graduation, is just about the same amount of time as BMT, but this time it went by SOOOO much faster. I guess it's because we can talk everyday now. Soon enough you'll get to talk to your boy too!<br />
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Amber- Thaaaank you!! I'm soo excited, but I'm also kinda nervous too.. Idk why though, lol. I'll update everyone about my trip when I get back! :)

Oh my gosh, that's AMAZING!! You're definitely going to have a better spring break than me, lol. I hope you have a great weekend, you deserve it :)

he still has 6 long weeks in bmt :( time goes by so slow!

Thank you ladies!! :)<br />
hmb1290 - He's been in tech for a little less than 2 months now, and he'll be graduating sometime in May! How much longer does your boy have at BMT?

Omg thats awesome. ENJOY EVERY LAST MINUTE =]

aw that's awesome girl! I hope you have a ton of fun and that his PT isn't too long! I'm totally jealous haha

That is so exciting! I hope you guys have an awesome time while your there and cherish every moment!! How long has he been in tech for? When will he be done with tech? I can't wait until My boy finished bmt and i can start seeing him in tech. Good luck and congrats! have fun :)