*it's All Becoming Reality*

As of this afternoon SCOTT'S FLIGHTS ARE BOOKED FOR HIS HOMECOMING NEXT SATURDAY MARCH 20TH yayyyyy!!! It's official :)  He graduates on March 18 and  I can't wait to have him home from Tech School.  It's been a long 6 months..through our break up during his time in Basic Training, then the trip down to graduation and not knowing what would happen with our future as a couple, to getting back together and being back together again since November.  It's been tough and I'm soooo ready for it to end.  I know it's technically not over since he can be deployed at any minute, but I'm lucky to have him serving in the reserves close to home instead of being active.  But it was good news so I'd thought I'd share...Thinking back to September when he left, I never thought this day would come.  It seems like it was just yesteryday..8 days until graduatiion 10 days till hes back in my arms

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He gets to come home soon YAY!!!!!!

Thanks girls. I cannot wait! I'm even more excited for the awesome scrapbook of his time away that I made him as a grad present. I hope he likes it!

That is so Awesome!~~YAYAYAYAY!!

Awww this is great !<br />
im happy for you (: