*sigh* It's Only Been Four Days..

He's only been gone since Monday and it already hurts so much. I miss him like crazy. I'm hoping to get a call soon for the address. And he wrote a letter the night before he left to send off when he got there so I'm hoping it won't take long for him to send it since he has already written it. I didn't know it would be this hard. I'm worried about so much. I wish he'd come home soon, but I can't wait to go to his graduation (:

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I know its very hard but it'll get better once you start hearing form him again. Try writing as much as you can an look up a lot of videos and sites about AF life. It helps pass the time. Keep hope alive. ^_^

THANK YOU GUYS. It helps a lot to hear people talking positively knowing they are in the same situation.

So, let me tell you how much of a mess I was when Jeremy left. It was before I found this site, and the night before we had a little fight because I was sad he couldn't give me a proper goodbye because he said saying goodbye made him feel like he was dying. So the next day I have class, my last class of the semester. I'm in art school so we had a show and my mom came to see. We did a little shopping in the city (NYC) and the whole time I felt like this complete empty soulless emotionless body who just couldn't function. On the subway back home, my mom goes to me (who doesn't really know about Jeremy), 'You know Aunt Jennie met Uncle David in London when she studied abroad.' (Because right now I'm in London, sorry this is complicated.) So I basically balled my eyes out on the R train in front of a bunch of strangers after that. And the next couple days were basically the same feeling. But it got better. I started working on a letter even before he left and kept making revisions to it, and finally got his address 3 days after he left. Working on that first letter got me through. And writing all the others got me through too (as well as the girls here). So, long story short, (HA!) it f***ing sucks after he leaves. We all know it. I always say, give yourself a day or two to cry. To lay in bed in his sweatshirt and eating ice cream and having the time to let it all out. For me, it helps to indulge in those feelings at first. But then you have to pick yourself up and start living and having some things to tell him about in all those letters you're gona send. I promise it'll get better. And you're right, graduation will be the best weekend ever, so just focus on that and you'll be okay. :)<br />
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Okay, I'm in a rambling mood. Sorry! lol

I know exactly how you feel. Heck we all do. lol. I didn't get Rocky's address until week 2 but I was SO happy when I got to hear from him. Time does fly by after week 2 though. I'm almost on week 5 and I'm starting to get SUPER excited about graduation. Just keep yourself busy and stay strong. Remember to be extra positive and supportive in all the letters you write him, they help so much. Good Luck =D

I have heard that it is NOT wise to email them because your boys will get hell for it. I am pretty sure it is better to just call the number to get the address. I am not sure what the number is but I am sure if you look on the site for BMT you can easily find it.

I know exactly what your going thru. Mu bf left last week and it seems like he's been gone forever!! :( How exactly do you use that email address? Because I'm still waiting for him to call me.

I deffinatly recommend those videos as well! They helped me know what he's going through at the time. It also helps you notice that youre not the only one going through this (same with this website). I wish i had known about the email address thats awesome that you dont have to wait anymore for a phone call! They should make that more known! But about the "it goes by fast" I really wish i could say i feel the same way. But its going by WAY too slow for me. I heard that the first couple weeks are the slowest and then it picks up but THEN it starts to slow down again at week 7 because of the anticipation of their graduation. I'm on week 1 and 2 days so, yea, the days are still slow for me. Just try not to expect anything and then when you DO get something itll be the most wonderful surprise!

Awe, It will go by quickly. BMT is one of the hardest things I had to go through. It is very hard not to talk to someone your used to talking to everyday. I didn't wait for the address post card, and Sean didn't give it to me when he called we just told each other how much we loved each other for 3 minuets..lol. You can e-mail 737TRG.Web@LACKLAND.AF.MIL and they will email you his address so you can start sending him letters right away. He will get them but he is not allowed to open them until he gets permission from his TI. Sean didn't open his first letter till he was there for 25 days. I received my first letter during week 4. You can watch videos on youtube BMT weeks 0-8 it helps to know what he is going through.