So I haven't been able to post a story about graduation last weekend because I've been talking to my airman so much, I love tech school! Well anyways, last weekend was amazing! Thursday during his coin ceremony he was the first one in his flight who got "tapped" out because I sprinted onto the grounds and tackled him lol I think it took him by surprise (: He was a little stressed out thursday because he wanted to make sure to follow all of the rules so he didn't get any time taken away from base liberty or his town pass. Around 4 his dad and uncle left so we could hang out for about 3 hours alone on base and we just talked about everything (:

He didn't really loosen up and become normal again until friday. The graduation looked amazing, I wish I could have took pictures but my camera broke right before the trip ):. His dad and uncle dropped us off at my hotel room around 12 and we got like 7 hours or alone time, that was awesome! We went to sonic for the first time because we never had it, but it was disappointing because the people did not bring our order out on rollerblades): hah! I lovedd having him in my hotel room because he could be completely himself and we got to kiss and hug a lot without worrying about the T.Is. On saturday his grandpa and mother came up and we all went o the river walk for the day. Then at night we went to a hockey game. His uncle was walking around in a spiderman mask being super loud and drunk the whole weekend haha it was so funny so if you girls who went last weekend saw him i apologize if he scared you (: He kept going up to random people lol.

On sunday we hung around hte base all day and then someone called him around 4 and was like where are you man? We were suppose to be back by 3! And he was, he thought he had until 6. So we rushed him back to his barracks and had to say goodbye so quick! I guess it was better that way though because there was less time to think about it and no time to cry haha. Oh yea, and on sunday we got some more alone time and we talked about getting married soon and me moving on base with him (: yay! I'm so excited about that. The whole weekend I felt like I was in a dream it  was amazing.

Right now he is doing details and he isn't sure when he starts tech): I guess it's pretty full so it might not be for awhile. I believe he should be home sometime in July! That seems so far away so hopefully I can visit him while he's in phase 3 for tech! I love talking to him every night and I can't wait until he gets his laptop so we can webcam (: It's so much better than BMT. Yet another countdown begins! Hopefully it flies by just like bmt did. For those ladies whose boyfriends are still in basic, stay strong it's the hardest part but I know you girls can hang in there! 

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Aw that sounds like fun. <br />
<br />
I have a question though.<br />
How did the processing for you getting on base work?<br />
Did he have to fill out a form with your drivers license on it or ?<br />
I haven't talked to my guy this whole time and he graduates next week.<br />
If you have anyy advice that would be great!<br />
thankss :]

Im glad tech school is working out for you.....

AWWW!!! it sounds like you had so much fun! I cannot wait til graduation!!! Only 27 more days and I'll be in his arms again! I heard tech is alot easier and you get to talk to him everyday and that just seems so exciting compared to BMT. lol. Well good luck with tech school and I bet it'll just fly by. =D

Yay! Time goes by SO much faster in tech school! Like the amount of time it's been since I've seen Jordan last, which was his graduation, is just about the same amount of time that BMT was. Which is crazy because it seems soooooo much shorter! lol I'm glad you had a good time though. You'll both like tech school WAY better, lol :)