Still Havent Heard From Him :(

Today is my boyfriend's 17th day at bmt and I still havent heard from him except for the 3 minute phone call to give me his address...and that was a whole two weeks ago :( I still haven't received a letter and I'm hoping he is getting to read all of mine. It is such a disappointment when I run to the mailbox everyday and there isn't anything there :( I will be going to his graduation in exactly 6 weeks from today, and it seems soo far away. I just want to hear from him and hear him say he loves me. I have been dealing with things pretty good the past week but now its starting to get hard again because Im worrying about every little thing, like what if he barely even acts like he's missed me when I see him at grad.? I've wrote him all of these letters saying how much I love him and miss him and support him, what if I finallyyyyy get a letter back and he doesnt say much about missing me? I just hope everything goes by really really fast and i hear from him soon.

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Im sure he will contact you the moment he gets a chance to. I bet he's just really busy....

thanks so much girls! im trying to stay busy but its so hard when all i can think about is hearing from him. just counting down the next 6 weeks till i can see him :)

I was just about to say sorta the same thing allie did. I was gonna say that letter and phone calls come when you least expect it. lol But just keep yourself busy and don't think about it so much. Definitely don't get your hopes up for a certain day cuz i just did that this past Sunday and I cried that whole day and Monday too. Just be strong girl! I'll make sure to pray for you though =D

Yeah, this girl Amber who is away at BMT right now, but is also an AFGF on here, would tell me that things ALWAYS happen when you least expect it, when I was feeling down and frustrated. And it's so entirely true. And every time I let go of my mopey-ness and tried to have fun, I'd get some sort of contact. Try to get yourself out and distracted, it really helps and does wonders. And I didn't get any contact (except from updates from his mom) till the 16th or 17th day. (I can't remember.) Don't worry. I'm sure within the next week you'll hear from him. Just keep patience. :)

I wouldn't worry about him not saying he misses you! The guy I have been writing isn't even exactly my boyfriend but he talks about how much he misses me all of the time!! If anything, BMT makes the feelings grow stronger from him. <br />
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Before I first got a letter from hm I was getting so worried and dissapointed. At one point, I almost stopped writing but then a few days later I got a letter! <br />
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Just stay strong and hopefully you will here from him soon!