Its My Birthday...&& I Will Cry If I Want To..

Heyyy Girls. Ive been kind of away for a few days...more like a week. Ive missed you girls though. Slight update on whats going on with me. Well I havent heard from Richard at all. Due to the fact he sends my letters to my school address && Im at home on spring break. Unfourtunately, the mail didnt come before I left for school last Thursday. Didnt here from him on normal. Soo Im just all out of whack! But I have steadily been writing as usual. Tomorrow is my 21st Birthday..and Im having a HUGE party at a club. Everything seems to be going ok, but Im just a very bitchy mood. Then on top of all of this...I have caught a punk *** cold! ugh. I know I should be happy && excited about my bday, but without Richard...its soo hard. Everyone is getting on my nerves..because one knows how I feel. smh. Then Im afraid that I wont here from him for awhile..because BEAST week is next week. So I doubt that I will be able to get a call from him && probably no letters. Ugh. I just really want to lay in the bed and cryyyyy!!! Lol...I kind of feel like this is the first week that he left all over again. I just keep making myself think...I will be in TX in 2 1/2 weeks! that makes me feel better..a little. Ugh. Im praying he can atleast call me this weekend. I know he is upset for missing my birthday. Just like how he was for missing Valentines day. But Im going to try and enjoy myself this weekend.


Im about to get ready for my bday dinner.

I will be posting later to let you girls know how this weekend went.

Pray for me.

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Happy Birthday! How did it turn out? hopefully it was great.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Enjoy your day girl, you only turn 21 once so try to make the best of it!

hey my birthday is on saturday =D HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUN! try to enjoy it and i will keep my fingers crossed that you get a call from him.. ;) it would be a pretty great birthday present..

Well for beginners HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!! =D I know it might really suck for him to be gone on your special day. My birthday just happens to fall on BEAST week for my guy. :( He's really upset about that and he's dying to talk to me. And Rocky usually calls me every Sunday too but I didn't receive a call last week and it SUCKED!!!! I bet anything that Richard wants to contact you so bad. Just keep you head high girl and be strong. I'm praying that he gets to talk to you this weekend. And have fun at your party =)

I'll be praying for you girl! I know its hard not hearing from ur man, I havent even gotten my first letter yet and it has been 2 1/2 weeks. I know its hard, but just try to enjoy your birthday and have fun! I wish I could take my own advice, I havent wanted to do anything except sit around and wait for a call and letters each day, I actually took two weeks off of work because I was so lost without him I couldn't focus on anything. But just look forward to getting back to school and hopefully getting some letters. I'm sure he will be calling you as soon as he can. Don't u wish u could just call those damn T.I.'s and tell them to let u talk to your boy! lol. Has he been able to call you every week so far? If so, thats probably why its so hard suddenly not hearing from him. But again, good luck and have fun and I hope you hear from him soon :)

Aw! Nik, don't worry too much. I know I'm not much to compare to due to my eh situation (but it's not that bad anymore so I can still give advice rofl) but I know how it feels to not get a lot of contact from your boy. I definitely spent a few days moping and crying a lot but it's good you have a big weekend ahead of you to distract you. And never feel guilty about setting one day aside to get all your moping out. I don't regret one day I did that because it helped me. But you know, I'm sure you have tons of letters waiting back at school for you and he's missing you like crazy, especially since it's your birthday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and you must keep your hopes high that you'll get a call this weekend. A lot of girls who don't get much contact seem to get calls around BEAST week. It's weird. I hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday. And you can BBM me ANY time. They're free for me over here so I'll respond. Even if all you want to say is. 'Ugh this sucks!' I'll listen. (Or technically read. Ha!) :)