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I know i have not written a story in a while but there is so much going on with me right now. Well, Here is a update. Tony graduated last week! He graduated with honors, I am very sad i couldn't be there for him but he completely understood. He got a cell phone on Sunday and we have been talking a lot latley... Sometimes it seems like we are fighting alot... BUt we never fight over serious stuff, just over the dumb stuff that doesn't even matter. It makes me very sad though.. i hate fighting with him. Also, Tony has been very sick the last two days and I told him last night that if he still felt bad today then he needed to see the Dr. So he went to see the dr. And i got a text from him saying that he is on DORM lockdown for the next 6 DAYS and they like Corentined him!?!? So i asked him what was wrong with him and he said they won't tell him. I am very sad.. Its times like these where i just wish i was there to hold him, and tell him its all going to be alright. BUt i can't be there and its very hard for me to deal with. Actually, a lot of things are hard for me to deal with expecally latley, Don't get me wrong I LOVE all the time a get to talkk to tony now.. but its so hard because i can talk to him but i can't see him. He was telling me last night that its so hard. and it might even be harder than BMT becasue now we can talk but not see one another. Honestly, i think him being sick and me being here not being able to do a thing for him is harder than not seeing him. i just wish i could be there. BUt i can't! Plus its even harder because I feel like I bother him by texting him all the time now. What do you girls think?

Also, I feel like tony doesn't really say he loves me as much anymore. I mean i know he loves me.. and were going to get married prolly when he comes back on RAP. But i feel like all day i am saying "i love you baby." and i don't get anything in return. But maybe i am just over reacting and over analyZing things.. (i have a tendency to do that). Maybe its just b ecause he is really not feeling good at all. I sent him a get well card today and this photo thing that i made him while he was in BMT, and then another card with $130 in it. I dunno i just like giving him money even though i doubt he needs it. i always like putting tony before me. I just wish he would come home.. But i do get it see him memorial day weekend!! So let the count down begin!!! Plus he won't have class on memorial day.. at least that's what he told me, so i will get like a bonus day with him! But anyways girls that's about all thats going on right now. Thank you for listening:) Pray for tony!!



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I don't know what gene or part of our brain makes us girls over analyze so much but sometimes I just want to take it out! Haha I agree, we all do it. I hate it. And as horrible as this sounds, it makes me feel good to hear about other girls not having the perfect Tech experience. Pretty much all that was said is true. Tech can be even harder on them than BMT and its a huge chance that they'll get a little distant. I think they go into this, I've got to get it done, mode and focus so much on making it through that we come last in the equation. Not because they don't care but its just how they deal with the situation. <br />
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As for being quarantined, honestly, I would be glad someone is taking care of him (well, hopefully they do) and even though he may graduate a week or two later, I'd be glad he was okay. I hope he gets better soon and gets off quarantine. Just stay patient, stay busy and know that EVENTUALLY you'll see him and eventually he will be your hubby. Just get over these rough patches, because it'll be worth it. I've always figured, if I can't change a situation then I have to make the best of it. So, maybe during calls you don't pester him about you and him stuff (I'm not saying you do) but just be his friend. Get his mind off of the suckyness he's still going through. The mushyness will come eventually. I promise. In the meantime, try to keep yourself busy and have fun.

Keep your head up, being away from everyone and being in a new environment could be taking a toll on him. Even though he is done with basic, tech school is still very stressful and it wears the guys out. Im sure everything will be fine just give it some time. and its not just you, ALLL girls tend to overanalyze things. I know i do it ALL the time, and it used to cause un-necessary fights between me and my boyfriend. I have to keep telling myself that I need to break that habit though if I want things to work. I hope he gets feeling better soon and is back to himself, telling you he loves you and whatnot. and just keep counting down the days until you see him, it'll all be worth it in the end :)

Eww he shouldn't have gone to the doctors lol. He will have to stay for longer at tech because of that. That sucks. I mean I hope he's alright but my friend was quarantined for a week when he was sick and he got stuck there two-three extra weeks. Scott would always say, I will have to be dying to go to the drs because Im not getting stuck here longer. lol. Hopefully he gets better soon. Scott and I fight a lot too. I feel like it's normal in tech. It's over the dumbest things too. So don't feel bad. Sometimes i get upset and tell him I feel like he doesnt' like me as much as he used to lol. I think us girls make things up in our heads, but it's tough being away from them!

This is crazy I was just dealing with this (except for the whole sick thing, I hope he gets better):) But I was just really upset because if felt like Jay wasn't being very personal with me, it felt like I was talking to a friend not my boyfriend. So we had a talk about it and he said it's because he usually has to sneak his phone so he can't really send long txts haha. But I agree tech school is tough because it's kind of like a tease to us. It makes us miss our airman so much more I feel like its harder than BMT so far. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE talking to him but I know exactly what your feeling. I hope it all works out for you guys! (: And tell him how your feeling, I'm sure he has a good explanation for it!