Graduation Weekend

Just the past weekend Dan finally graduation. It was a great time. I had headed down to Texas on wednesday night with his mom and older brother. The plane ride down had seemed to fly by due to the guy sitting next to me being a chatty charlie. I was so excited that in just mere hours instead of days or weeks that i get to see Dan! Thursday was his airmens run before his coin ceremony. Unfortunately the traffic to lackland was so busy that we just barely missed seeing dan's group run by. At least we new what group he was in because they all wore a yellow sweatshirt that stood out to the rest. I couldn't wait till the ceremony got here because after that was done we got to go find our airmen =). During the time on thursday the only one's that were there from our group were dan's mom, brother, cousin david and myself. I don't think in my entire life i was as nervous as i was this weekend; meeting more of dan's family and finally getting to see dan. The coin ceremony is finally here and almost over!!EEk! We finally got to go and find our airman. Oh my goodness i swear it looked like Dan grew a couple inches cause of not slouching anymore. Seriously he doesn't need more height he's 6'5. I don't think at the moment i saw a better sight in my life then my baby in his airforce blues. From the moment dan and i saw each other we had like permanent grins on our face for at least the first 2 days of seeing each other. Thursday was a base liberty day that we could do anything on  base which was ok but he was so ready to finally be off of it. Before he could actually do anything he had to go get his orders of what his job was going to be and where his tech school was along with a hair cut since he didn't even know if he was going to graduate this week. He had been in 319 for the last couple weeks. We pretty much all just hung out at the bigger mall that was on base and then met up with his grandparents and aunt and uncle. That day i didn't realize how much being in the military ran in his family atleast with the men. His grandpa and uncle were in the marines and his cousin was a senior airman. Friday was the parade and the first day we got to take him off of base. We took him to the river walk and then off to the spurs game. Thank goodness for that game being offered. We would had originally have to bring him back to the base by  6 because his flight lost 2 hours, but instead we didn't have to get him back till after the game which was 12:30. That was so cool because all me and him did was hold hands and cuddle and just look at the game now and then. The couple that sat behind us next to his brother and cousin asked if we were married or very much in love. All we did was smile and his cousin joking said they're so much in love its sick lol.  Saturday was another off base day. That day we went and got him a new cell phone for tech school and then went out to lunch and then to a movie. He picked out Alice in wonderland in 3d to see which i was surprised that that was his decision. This day went good except we knew what the next day would bring and that was hard to think of=( Sunday was the last day of the weekend, the last day seeing him at all. We had to stay on base that day. His brother had left early that morning, and his mom and i were to leave for home at 4. Dan had to be back to his dorm by 3 because of his flight got in trouble again. All we did was hangout at one of the mini malls and then to the community center for our last little bit of time. Oh my gosh that was hard having to say goodbye to him that day. Stupid me thought the hardest time saying goodbye was when he had left for boot camp boy was i wrong. I never saw Dan cry but giving our last goodbye hugs and kisses he was on the verge of tears.I wish i could had said that i held them back as well but i couldn't anymore. I'm so proud of my baby with everything that he had accomplished during these 13 weeks and what he will accomplish in the coming years.

On our flight home his mom and i had a heart to heart talk which was a little unexpected. It was a tough talk to have with her. I just hope she knows how much i truly love he son. Dan has 8 months of tech school a head of him before he gets to come home for about a 2 week leave, but once he phases up at tech school he wants to fly me out there to him. I told him i can't wait but i gotta save up for it. He told me no lol. He's talking about how one day our incomes will be joined and that one day we'll be married so his money is my money. I love that man so much and i want to be his wife one day i'm just scared that i'll get my hopes up for a future with him and then something will happen that changes things. We had a talk about that stuff of my fears and his fears as well but he tells me that he'll prove me wrong and that he'll be mine forever =). But still i'm taking things one day at  a time.

I love tech school because i don't have to wait weeks for a call from him. I just hope that tech school will go fast. Sorry this is terriblly too long.

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My boyfriend just left yesterday for basic at Lackland. I miss him so much already!

like they said above if you didn't give your information earlier there's a little place next to the enterance gate that you just go in and tell them who your graduate is and then give them your drivers license. They can do a background check right then and there it doesn't take long it just depends on how long the line is.

letlovelive- u should still be able to get on base it might just take a little longer for them to check ur id's and stuff like that so u might wanna get there early.

Did your airman have to write down your drivers license and stuff in order for you to get on base? <br />
How did all that stuff work out with you getting on base?<br />
<br />
I'm supposed to be going next week but I haven't talked to him and he doesn't know my DL#. :/

Oh no. I'm sorry to hear that. The coin ceremony is like 45-60 minutes. I think if he knows your guys number by heart he'll try getting a hold of you if he doesn't see you there at the time to get your airman. I wish you all the best girl!

How long did the coin ceremony and that last? I am so mad I just found out our flight doesnt land in san antonio until 11:50 and the coin ceremony is at 11! UGHHH that means we are going to miss it and probably won't be there by the time they tell us to go get our airmen. I have no idea how we will find him once we get there because he wont have a cell phone?

I know i hope the 8 months just fly by too! His job is weather apprentice, i'm not sure exactly what that is though.What's your man's job?<br />
The claiming your airman part is right after the coin ceremony. They have all the airmen lined up in their flights and by their height. They tell you that you're free to go get your airmen. I think it's to see if you still recognize your man because they go through so many changes during this time. I felt the same way that i didn't know really what to expect but it was a great time. Oh no that's not good hopefully they won't hold that against his flight during the graduation weekend. Dan's flight got into so much trouble that their ti took 2 hours each day away from them hanging out with his family and the lastt day because someone wouldn't shave they lost another hour. Thanks for all your hope girl! I hope you have a great time and great experience at his graduation and seeing your man!

I have 3 more weeks and I am soooo nervous. I'm telling my mom i need the perfect outfits bc i havent seen my baby in so long. I just teared bc i know how hard it will be to depart from him. But i am so ready to see my bf. Im flying down with his mom and sister. I dont know what to expect. What is this about "claiming your airman" at the coin ceremony. I am so curious about the whole experience. My boyfriend's flight are in trouble right now bc someone got caught sneaking a letter to the mailbox without authorization, so i havent heard from him in a week! he usually would have sent a couple letters by now. Im so happy that you had a good time. Hope your future aspirations work out like you want them to.

That sounds amazing. I didnt go either but its great to read stories about other people who went.

sounds like you had a great weekend, i still have 6 more weeks till my boyfriend graduates, but i cant wait :) hopefully his 8 months in tech school flys by, thats a long time but it should be so much easier since you can pick up the phone and call him when you want. what is his job?

Thanks girl! I hope so too... Oh no don't cry, i'm sure he understood why you missed it. If you need someone to chat about whatever, don't hesitate

omg, i just cried. im so upset that i missed jeffs graduation.. i hear its a life time experience. i hop eall your furture plans with dan work out. :)