Totally Unexpected!!!!

I had my first softball game today. It was super exciting. I play 2nd base on the varsity team (which this is the first year we actually have enough players to have 2 different teams lol) But anyways it was fun! We played pretty good but we really need a good pitcher that won't walk everyone. The final score was 4-10....I was sorta disappointed because I'm competitive but my mood sure did brighten at 6pm!!!! It was during the JV game (thank God!) but I got a text from Rocky saying "I'm about to call you". Everyone said I just about hit my head on the roof of the dugout I jumped up so high! It was AMAZING!!!!! We got to talk for 15-20 minutes. He sure did talk about alot of Air Force stuff and I tried to pay attention but I kept on wanting to tell him how much I miss him and that I love him. lol. What really sucked was me having to yell at all the girls in the dugout to shut up because I couldn't hear him. Towards the end though he said some pretty sweet things to me like "You're my prize at the end of this hell" and he even called me his bride to be! He said "I hope you mom knows that I'm marrying you as soon as possible!" It was great!!! Hanging up SUCKS!!! I almost cried. But almost right after we hung up he texted me and said "I love you infinity times infinity to the power of infinity!" I burst into tears as soon as I read that! But all my girls gave me hugs and made me feel better. And after the JV game Rocky's dad took me and Rocky's sister out to eat at a Mexican resturant. Rachelle's(rocky's sis) big mouth told her dad that me and him are getting married. It was sorta embarrassing for some reason because I don't really talk to him that much but he just smiled and asked when. lol. Ugh I'm so happy!

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haha it's alright softball is the only sport i'm good at and I can't even hit the ball. lol

So your athletic??? Awesome. I cant play anything, I even suck a