When Does This Start Getting Easier?

Eric isn't necessarily my boyfriend. You see, if he was my boyfriend, eventually we'd have to break up, you see, so we're not technically together. That said, I can't imagine myself with anyone else. We dated for a year and a half, with six months before that as inseparable best friends. We broke up the day we graduated high school because we wanted to get used to it. I was going to college, and we were never going to do the long distance thing. But all summer we kept jumping back into bed together, and saying goodbye was the hardest thing I'd done so far. The first couple of months fall semester we stayed in contact and in love. I tried dating other people, but they all had the same problem - they weren't him. The last week of my winter break, it all came flooding back, and we realized we were still madly in love. I had to go back to school, but I came home one last time to see him and be together a final weekend this past President's Day. He left for Basic Training two weeks later. He's been in since March 2nd, and he called me a couple times to try and get my information down on his VARL so I can get on base. I missed him because we were driving through a dead zone to get to a funeral in Oklahoma City. The MPs on base said that I'll have to report to the Visitor Center and have a background check run then. But Eric doesn't know that, I haven't been able to send the letter telling him. The disappointment in his voice on the messaging machine just breaks my heart every time I listen to it. Every single day I wish I could talk to my best friend, wish I could tell him about my day, wish I could ask him how he is, wish we could talk like we used to, joke like we used to. 48 days until he graduates. I hope I can see him.

When does this get easier?

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That whole background check at the visitors center is nothing more then u hand then ur license they write ur name down on a paper and give u the pass LOL. That is all. It takes less than 2 minutes. I had to do it because Scott thought he had our passes but he didn't. No biggie. <br />
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And time will start to go by quicker when it gets closer to the middle and end. The first few weeks are the worse! Hang in there it will be over before you know it and graduation is awesome.

I know how you feel! My boyfriend and I have been going together on and off for 6 years. We ended up breaking up shortly after high school and I started seeing another guy but for some reason I just kept going back to Kolt because of the strong connection we have and I couldn't imagine my life without him because he IS my best friend. We have had issues though we ended up getting back together but I had already made a committment to go and move to santa barbara and attend school for 4 years of my college and we thought the distance wouldn't work out so we ended up breaking up. Well... I couldn't stand being away for him that long so I ended up moving back to seattle and we have been together ever since...<br />
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Its hard because your use to talking to him most likely everyday, hearing from him, and conversing about eachothers days but you can't because of the circumstances. Believe me im in the same boat my boyfriend left March 2nd as well and I dont know when its going to get better either. We practically lived together and so he was in my everyday life and routine i feel lost without him... In fact I feel like a part of me is missing so I am in this zone where I dont know what to do with myself HAHA. BUT, how I am managing to get through it is just to keep myself as busy as possible and try to think as POSITIVE as I can. Just think in 48 days you will be able to be with him again and hopefully soon you will get some letters and phone calls! I haven't heard from my boyfriend at all since the second he stepped on that plane and its KILLLINNNGGG mee.<br />
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We can both get through it I am sure it is even harder on them both knowing they are at an invasive place where they don't know anyone and have to take orders EVERYDAY. Its hard on a guys ego haha. And also think we are able to be with friends and family and have them support us through it and they don't have any of that so they are probably going through torcher. <br />
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To be honest though this is probably ONE of the hardest things I've gone through I am an EXTREMELY needy person and my boyfriend knows it so he probably thinks im goign insane HAHA. But you will be able to get through it just try to keep positive and keep busy as possible! Make sure to see your friends tons and tons that has helped me a lot! Good luck girl if you need anything let me know :)