Why Is It This Freakin' Hard

He's only been gone since monday and I'm already falling apart. Every day is getting harder. I keep looking out the window hoping that his car will pull in, but of course it doesn't and I know it won't. I just want some communication with him. I can't wait to get a letter from him or a phone call. He's my fiance and yet I feel as if he might fall out of llove with me because of the distance. I don't know why, I'm just so worried. I miss him like crazy and I can't help  but to cry and cry. I didn't think it was this hard. I have no one to talk to because my friends just don't understand how hard it is. *Sigh* I want him here.

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write write write! even if you don't have his address, keep writing and write as if you're talking to him like you normally would. that realllly helped me through the last 6 weeks. it kind of tricks your brain into thinking that you have talked to him because you can almost hear what he would say to you or how he would react to what you said. oh, and don't be afraid to tell him when you're upset. for seth and i, it's important to be honest and to try and keep as much communication as possible, even if it's through letters. <br />
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him joining the air force will give you a new sense of pride and excitement even if it's scary. you'll feel so proud of him and what he's doing for himself, for you and for his country.<br />
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it gets a lot easier! i promise. just remember to breathe and keep your head up :]

Hi allee! I'm timmi! My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years now, and he left for the BMT on Dec. 28th. He's now at Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi..so he's only been in tech school for about 2 weeks now..but trust me I know how hard BMT is. Make sure that your writing letters alot, even if you don't have his address yet..it makes it so much better..plus he'll love getting multiple letters! They absolutly love mail call! Soon enough you'll be getting letters too which will make things WORLDS easier trust me! Depending on what TI they have..will determine how long they will have to write you..but I'm sure he'll write every chance he gets! If you ever need anyone to talk to the girls on this site (me included) will help you and we know how you feel. Friends will try to understand but never will unless they have a boy in the air force too..which is why it helps to come vent/ tell happy stories/sad stories whatever. We empathize with you girl. Phone calls are AMAZING and you just never know when they're gonna come so ALWAYS have some kind of phone on you! You'll get through this I promise! :) if you ever need to talk just msg me or post on here and someone can help you out..<br />
xoxo<br />

Well nom, seeing as I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years it was a hard decision for us both for my boyfriend to go into the air force. Seeing how bad the economy is now though for some there isn't much decision and being in the air force/military does have a lot of benefits.<br />
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Now as for Allee I dont know her background or how long she has been with her man but it seems to be she is in love with her man. <br />
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So before you post comments like that you should be a little bit more considerate of other peoples feelings. It is a tough process whether you have been with the guy 2 years, 10 years, or 6 months. But if you love the man it shouldn't matter.

Hey girly!<br />
I know how hard it is but just try to stay as positive as you can! I have to be honest though the first week is going to SUCK your not going to want to do anything except lay in bed and cry, or at leasst thats how I was... But I promise it DOES get better! I am on week 2 and I am already starting to pull out of my zone a bit! The sucky part is though I haven't heard from him at all since the time he stepped on that air plane the TI made him call his parents for the address so I haven't got anything from him at all... It is very very tough I am hoping to hear from him today but I am not counting on it I have a feeling his TI is a douchebag... JUST HOPE AND PRAY that he got lucky and has a nice TI! It really all depends on how the TI is and how the people in your fiance's flight do together as a team! <br />
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Try your hardest to go out and keep as busy as possible! See friends as much as you can because remember you have friends and family to support you, whereas your fiance doesn't have friends or family and constantly has a TI yelling in his face so I am sure it is going to be reallly hard on him. Just do your best :) and if you need anything or someone to talk to the girls on here are very very supportive and if you want to talk to me I am here as well :). The first week felt like I was going through a death or something I was a complete mess so i completely understand!

I think we all felt and did exactly how u r feeling. I know I questioned whether he still loved me and would still want to be with me when he got out. And truth is they fall more in love w you when they r there. write him a letter everyday....even before you get his address. I worte a letter everyday and sent it and my bf was sooo excited he even told me to write more lol he said that everyone in his flight envyed him bc every time they got letters he always had so many. you have to stay busy. I know its hard and untill you move in w him it is going to be hard. It might take weeks to get a letter or a call it all depends on his TI. I got at least one call every week since the 1st week he got there and usually a letter every week if not more untill week 5 then i didnt get to many. When he can call n write is decided by his TI but know that he loves u more than anything and he put that ring on your finger for a reason...keep your head up and stay busy