First Phone Call :)

My boyfriend has been gone for almost 3 weeks, I got the one 3 minute phone call the week he got there to give me his address, but since then I havent been able to hear from him. I had been sending him a letter every single day and getting nothing in return. I had no idea if he was even receiving them. Other than that address call, I haven't gotten any calls from him. Well today, as I was getting ready to go to an interview, my phone rang. I didn't realize it was ringing at first and got to it on the last ring! I didnt recognize the number and I answered. The voice on the other line said "whats up?" i was like omg omg omg!!! I was sooo happy to hear his voice. We got to talk for ten minutes, and it was amazing. He said how he never realized how hard it would be to be away from everyone and he thinks about me all the time. He says he just got to mail his first letter out today. He said he has been receiving all of my letters and to KEEEP writing as much as I can because it helps him so much. He said he can't wait to be done with basic and be with me forever. And of course he asked how our baby was, I told him "still cookin in the oven." lol. He said basic sucks, he doesnt know when he will be able to call again but he will write to me as much as he can. Im not going to keep rambling on im just SOO excited :) It was amazing to hear his voice finally and totally worth the two weeks of not talking to him! Now im just patiently waiting for my first letter and counting down the days until san antonio :)

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3 Responses Mar 14, 2010

he graduates april 23rd, still a ways away lol

AHHHH Aren't phone calls wonderful?! I'm so happy for you girl! Just wait until tech school when you get to hear his voice everynight! It's amazing!! Congratulations! and keep on writing!

its 39/40 days!! lol =) CONGRATS!! I just got to talk to mine not too long ago too, isn't it great? When Tre sent out a letter on Sunday, it got to me by Wednesday so you should get it by then too =) Congrats again =) =) =)