2nd Call =)

So last week Sunday was my 1st call and today was my 2nd call from my Tre =) He said the squadron he's in has been doin really good so they might be able to get some snacks tomorrow, lol. He's also very persistent about me moving down to San Antonio and us getting married while he's in tech (don't get me wrong, i DO want to marry him but wouldn't it be best that he really get settled into tech school/his job before thinking about getting married?). He also wants me to send a ton of pics and of course there were "I love you"s and "I miss you"s. He's also gonna send out another letter today so I should be gettin it on Wednesday =) 39/40 more days til he grads and til I can physically hold him in my arms once again =)

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Thanks =) You'll be hearing from your man soon too =) I've only gotten one letter since he's been gone but he told me he's sending another one out today so I should be getting it by Wednesday =)

awww congrats on getting your phone call!! It's so amazing to get that reassurance I am happy for you :). I wish I could get that right now to be honest HAHA. YAY and the time will fly by so fast until you get to see him :). How many letters have you gottten from him so far :)