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Hey ladier!! Joey finally graduated Basic In February and ever since we have talked on the phone/ txted everynight and everyday. He's pretty much amazing!and it feels so good to finally be able to talk to him again! It was quite an adjustment at first because he wasn't totally himself..but he's okay now. Here's where I need you guys' help. So Joey just found out he's being stationed in London..which at first I was FREAKING out about because it is a pretty long ways away, and it's for two years. However; he wants me to go with him. We;re not married, but he offered to pay for an apartment, while I look,ed for a school that I could go to over there. :/ but I just don't know. London was never really in the plans for me, and although I'm definately thinking about going..It would only be my first year in College..and spending it away from home (especially that far) could get sticky. He still has the option of switching with this one kid to a North Carolina base..but I don't wanna make him give up that kind of opportunity just to be closer to me. I just don't know what to do :/ What do you ladies think ..Everyone else keeps telling me that i'm stupid for even giving it a second thought and that if I went i'd be "throwing my whole life away" but I feel like they just dont understand.,I don't know what to do. :(

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If I were you...I would go!! That is a chance of a lifetime && if he is willing to take you...GO! you only live once..&& its your life!

If I were you...I would go!! That is a chance of a lifetime && if he is willing to take you...GO! you only live once..&& its your life!

I faced the same decision, Japan with David or staying at school. I know our relationship is strong enough to make it if I were to stay, but honestly I'm tired of being away from him. So I chose to go. Of course my family is upset, and think I'm stupid for "running away" with him. But I don't look at it as running away, I look at it as starting our lives together a little earlier than we had origionaly planned. I've started looking at online schools (I'm currently a 2nd semester freshman) and plan to keep my self busy, so I won't be sitting around all day waiting for him to get off of work. I honestly can't wait for Japan!

You will never get another chance to go to LONDON!!!! GO!!!! Hands down. I would

just curious what job your boyfriend has? ther reason im asking is because my boyfriend is a loadmaster and london and NC were two places he could get stationed.

Also! There is a girl on here who lives permanently in England and she could help you out too! 'Cheermzie28' I think it is. You could ask her about what its like there too if you were curious.

Welllllll, being in London the past 3 months, if I had had Jeremy here, I could probably stay forever. Well, no, maybe not forever, this is my first time away from home too, and it was interesting. But the city is really easy to adapt to, people are so friendly and sometimes it just feels magical knowing you're in a different country. I know I'm lame. Ahaha Which base is it? Because I have spoken to a girl who has been based at two places in England and she really liked both. Though they were kind of in the middle of nowhere, she said they were beautiful. And if you have a car, no where is too far to drive, even thoughpeople here are so dramatic. They think and hour drive is FOREVER and they think above 70 degree weather is SCALDING. Ha! There are tons of Universities here and the way they go about teaching is really different from the US. Very independent. They really treat you like adults. I mean, I love this city, but I am a city girl. It's a lot calmer than NYC (if you've ever been) and people are a lot more civilized here. Haha If that makes sense. That is a great opportunity, and actually, I'm quite jealous of you. But you have to be comfortable with it. If you want to stay home, go with your gut. But two years isn't that long. It could be fun to start your studies in a different country. Or just explore and adventure with the one you love. :D<br />
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And I would actually suggest you go to an actual school. If its possible. I came here not knowing anyone and English people are really welcoming and nice. And they love Americans. hahaha! I know it's scary, but you'll have Joey with you, and having a man by your side makes you feel invincible!

That is a pretty tough decision I know! My advice is if you DO go try not to make him your whole entire life! Make friends, explore, have some time to yourself as well! It will be tough to be away from family and friends but if you two have been together for awhile and you know hes the one its a definitely a good healthy step to make and it will bring you two closer :). If you can picture yourself going through your college years with or without him (you really never know what could happen just looking at it from both sides) in the lovely London then do it! I definitely could see myself doing it just because I LOOOVEEE to travel and see the world :). I wish the best for you two and I am sure you will make the right decision!

i think you should go it would be the chance of a LIFETIME! it would be amazing and sometimes plans get sidetracked.. i think you would have a lot of fun.

it is a tough decision, but i think that would be an awesome opportunity! i absolutely love traveling and London was amazing when i went over there to visit some of my family! the online option is a good idea but not everyone likes online class! just make sure whatever decision you make is YOUR decision and no one else's! definitely talk to him more about it and try not to make a decision right away! good luck!

Ahh that is such a hard choice girl :( It would be an awesome opportunity for both of you, i would LOVE to travel. But it also sooo far away and it might be hard going to a school where you dont know ANYONE. You could look into online classes though? Not sure, some people like online schooling and some dont. I think you should really weigh out what is important to you. Would you rather be away from your boy for two years, or your family. Either way, Im sure they will support your decision in the end, even if they dont like it or approve of it at first. I know you dont want him to miss out on the opportunity of going to london, but maybe he could switch and go to north carolina and then you would have forever to travel, you know? I think you really need to talk to him and both of you come to a conclusion on what is more important to him. Good luck with your decision and keep us posted!