May 7th.

He graduates May 7th. I'm so excited to go. Anyone else have a boyfriend graduated then?

I miss him like crazy. I'm about to be in week two. I hope for letters soon. Or a phone call. My phone speaker just broke ): So i have to write him a letter telling him to call my house phone. I'm scared he won't get it in time. *sigh* is it gonna be this hard for the next 7 weeks? We've been together for 2 years and we are engaged (: We were trying to get pregnant before he left but I don't know if we had any luck ): We lost a child a year ago. I miscarried a baby girl and it felt right to have a baby with him so we decided to try. I can't wait to see him again. I miss him so much. I'm scared he'll fall out of love with me while he's there or he'll find a girl there that he wants. :/ How do I not worry? I love him. I miss him. I don't wanna lose him....

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its sooo hard not to worry, but thinking negative about him falling out of love with you will only make time go by slower. it wont be this hard for long, things start to get a little easier after you hear from him. i just got my first phone call today after 3 weeks.if you guys are engaged then he obviously wants to be with you forever. and distance makes the heart grow fonder :) trust me. i was sooo scared my boyfriend would forget about me and lose feelings, but when i talked to him today he said he had NOO idea how much it would make him miss me and he cant wait to be with me forever. and normally those are NOT things that would come out of my boyfriends mouth lol. he really sounded so much more appreciative of our relationship and it really will make you guys fall more in love with each other. and as for the baby thing, i hope everything works out for you :) i got pregnant two months before my boyfriend left, and it has been sooo hard knowing he isnt here to experience everything with me, but i know it'll be worth it in the end, and havin a baby on the way has helped time go by faster because im so busy getting everything ready. so i hope you guys keep trying and i'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)