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I'm having a hard time trying to afford going to his graduation in 2 1/2 weeks. I don't really have any support from my family or friends in any of this so I'm on my own. I came up with a plan, and it will cost me $600 (flight, hotel, taxi to and from airport) not including food or getting around SA if he gets time off base. I don't know his family (I'm from Canada) so I wouldn't be able to ask them for help or advice. Plus, he's been there for 6 weeks on Tuesday and his TI has yet to let him call or write letters. He snuck in a few texts yesterday while he called his bank about pay problems, but it was basically to tell me he missed me and hadn't been able to write or call yet. He definitely won't be able to call this week because of the BEAST training. :[

I'd really like to know if anyone has:

1. Found a cheap hotel close to the base. The one I found was $45 a night.

2. How you got to and from the airport (if there's a cheap way that would be best)

3. How you got to and from the base. I'm only 21, and can't afford a rental car :[

4. Should I worry about food?

If anyone has any advice that would be great!!

Thanks :]

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I'm not old enough to rent a car either and i've been looking at stuff like this for when I have to go to SA but if you google hotels near lackland afb there are a couple that are around $40 per night and say they are within walking distance for people going to graduation. i havent done too much research so i dont know if its actually true but it sounds like a good option if you dont want to have to spend a fortune on cabs

I stayed on Base at the Gateway Lodge it was 38 dollars a night, you can Stay there starting Friday, because that's when you have a pass to get on base. They would not let me on Thursday, but luckily my Dad is retired Air Force so I had him sign me on base. They have a shuttle that goes from base to Downtown on the days they have town pass but I'm not sure if it cost any money. If his parents are going maybe he will ask them if you can tag along with them. If they are not going you guys can just hang out in your room on base and enjoy each others company. We ended up doing that for half the time I was there. My Husband was so tired and sleepy all he wanted to do was relax. Good Luck, I'm gonna pray that it all works out in your favor!!

i definetely agree with smako- double check his graduation date before you purchase your plane ticket. i paid $400 for my plane ticket and then found out i need to change it so i fly a day earlier and they are charging me an extra $200-$250. most tickets are nonrefundable so you may want to explore your options VERY carefully and read the fine print to try and find somewhere that will let you cancel and get your money back if you need to. im not sure how old you are, i know you have to be 21 to rent a car in most areas. but if thats an option you may want to look into that because sometimes renting a car can be cheaper than waiting for buses and cabs and stuff like that. and some car rental places may be able to arrange so that the car is ready for you at the airport. but like i said, u would have to look into it, i know one weekend we went on vacation and it was only like $150 to rent a car for the whole weekend. good luck with your planning i'll let you know if i find anything else out

i know there is a shuttle to/from base and airport. i didnt use it but i remember looking it up when i was trying to figure everything out...i remember paying around $40 to get from downtown SA to the airport & i think it was about the same for mike to get from downtown SA back to Lackland. I would say if youre looking to go the cheapest, the hotels near/around base are your best bet. <br />
also, i didnt buy my plane ticket/book a hotel until about 3 weeks before graduation because theres always a chance they may not graduate on time for whatever reason/the graduation may be pushed a week back (you can read all about that on the Lackland AFB website) if youre trying to book early to get the cheapest flights (coming from Canada & all i assume thats what youre doing) id suggest looking into purchasing some kind of travel insurance that would allow you to change your flight for little to no cost "in the event of..."