The End

Ryan broke up with me.. its his 6th week of basic.

Im sure this is very unusual.. because in most cases its the one outside of basic who would end things..

cuz its supposed to make the one in basic miss you more..

but regaurdless.

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9 Responses Mar 15, 2010

OH NO!! What explanation did he give? like emily rose said, I believe that there is still hope too. You said he left on the 2nd right? Thats when mine left. I know that they have BEAST week etc, so maybe its just frustration building up. I really cant say whether you should still write him or not, it depends on how you feel. I know this is bad timing for you bc BMT graduation is around the corner :-(. message me if you wanna chat more. try to stay optimistic missy. (easier sasid then done, i know)<br />
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Omgoshhh..explain more hunni!! But I hope your ok...if Im not mistaken he && Richard were on the same schedule right?? Idk..well heres a hug!!

That is a good point. I mean, I guess you have to weigh your options. If you want to be kind of spiteful, well not really, but give him what he wants and stop being there for him, then you can. There's nothing wrong with that. I just know I could never do that because I know, at least in Jeremy's case, he didn't do it because he didn't like me anymore, he did it because he was having a really hard time. Sometimes guys can't do both focusing on getting bmt done and a girlfriend. I know once Jeremy told me he wouldn't be able to take getting a dear john letter. Maybe he was worried. I feel like, until you give him a chance to explain really, then it isn't over or you shouldn't give up. It all depends what's in your heart. If you want to try to move on and see where life takes you, its up to you. I'm just saying I wouldn't give up on him just yet. Although, I'm always annoyingly optimistic when it comes to this stuff. :)

All of the girls here are much better people than I am, I think. If i was in your situation, I would not write him anymore. If he thinks he doesn't need you then I wouldn't be there for him. I am sorry that he broke up with you, though.

Explain more! What did he say, did he give an explanation? It is very unusual, and I feel like it def has to do with pressure and stress. Keep writing him, I'd say, not as mushy, just things to distract him. I wrote Jeremy and we were broken up and all he could ever say was how much he loved my letters and how much they made his world there. There's hope, I hope you know that. Were you going to his graduation? Maybe you can still go! And write him a letter saying you dont know what's up but if this is what he needs right now, that you'll stand by it and help him through still. But also, I don't know what he wrote to you so I can't say for sure. But there is hope. He's just going through a lot right now.

wow I am so sorry :( before rocky was suposed to leave for BMT in July (he didn't bc he got tonsilitus) he wanted to take a break because he didn't want to worry about me so maybe it's like that....? idk but I hope he comes around. No matter what I'm still here to talk to :)

thats really unusual? Did he call you and tell you or did he write you a letter? Maybe he's just overwhelmed with basic training and drained out which is causing him to be confused on everything else in his life. Hopefully he comes around and realizes it was a stupid choice. Did you have plans to go to his graduation? Best of luck girl...

wow...i'm sorry! i hope ya'll can maybe work things out! :( how are you handling it?

Omgoshh I am so sorry :(. How are you doing? Did he say why in the letter or just end things abruptly?