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Wow, first off so glad i found this group!

My story...

   I've been dating Joey for over a year now, I've known him for two and instantly there was something  there.  We met and work (both firefighter/emts) and weve been through a ton together.  We discussed moving in together briefly when he brought up the USAF.  It was weird b/c a few months before that i had attempted to join but couldnt b/c of a medical condition.  I was happy for him, that he'd get to go through this experience... i have many friends in different branches and they all love it so much.  so to get to the point, things were going well, we were discussing silly things like what we'd do when he was done with training (hes going into special forces so his training is quite lengthy).  Recently he has started saying how bad hes going to feel, and how he wont be a good boyfriend to me.  Idk what made him go from us talking about our wedding to him doubting so much.  I am not sure what to say to him to let him know it'll be ok, that i just want him to focus on the task he has at hand, but i cant imagine my life without him... any suggestions...o and he leaves in a week :(

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Just let him know that you know things arent going to be easy, and you are prepared for that and willing to tough it out if it means being with him in the end. Tell him you don't want anyone else. He's probably just scared that you will find someone else since he will be away from so long. Just try to convince him everything will be okay and you will support him 100% and thats all you want. Good luck!